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Senior Instructional Developer, Integrative Learning

Department: Centre for Teaching Excellence Effective Date: June 2012

USG 12

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Director CTE

General Accountability

Accountable to the Director, this position has three main areas of responsibility: 1) provide oversight and pedagogical support for integrative learning initiatives at the course, program, and institutional levels, 2) research and disseminate knowledge regarding various forms of integrative learning practices, and 3) investigate and facilitate the sharing of best practices about innovative instructional methods that promote deep learning. Depending on qualifications and availability, there may be an opportunity to teach one course a year in an area of his or her expertise. The incumbent will also be eligible to apply for a 3-4 month study/research leave.


Nature and Scope

General Organization and Responsibilities of the CTE

The mission of the Centre for Teaching Excellence is to foster teaching and learning of the highest quality at Waterloo. CTE supports the development of instruction by working collaboratively with departments and individuals at all career stages, and they promote the importance of effective teaching and meaningful learning across the university.

The CTE Associate Director is currently the Interim Director, and reports to the associate Vice-President, Academic. The Liaison part of the position reports to the Senior Instructional Developer—Blended Learning who facilitates the application and integration of technology to support enhanced teaching and learning. The Integrative Learning Specialist part of the position reports to the Associate Director.

As an integral part of the CTE team, the incumbent provides advice to instructors regarding teaching strategies, learning activities, assessment mechanisms, and the integration of appropriate learning technologies. It is the role of the incumbent to support active student learning, focus on learning outcomes and encourage effective instructional design. The incumbent works closely with faculty members to determine student learning objectives and help them design specific learning tasks and assessment strategies to meet these objectives.  These tasks and assessments must also accommodate any limitations or special circumstances expected during the course offering related to instructor time and TA involvement. The incumbent refers instructors to other teaching and learning resources where appropriate and facilitates ongoing communication between instructors and the CTE.


The challenges associated with this position include dealing with a range of faculty members and their concerns, determining when to advise and when to refer, recognizing the sensitive nature of change within a university environment, and developing lines of communication and support for teaching and related research both within the Faculty and the CTE.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Instructional Development and Program Management

Research and Analysis

Liaison/Communication Work




Working Conditions