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Business Development Manager

Date: May, 2011                      GRADE:   USG 12
Reports to (Job Title): Director, Employment Relations and Director, Communication & Marketing
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Business Developer, Lead Co-ordinator
Location: Within Greater Toronto Area or Waterloo Campus

Primary Purpose

The Business Development Manager leads and manages a national team to increase the number of jobs (co-op, summer, graduating) for all students through the recruitment of new employers and the re-engagement of dormant employers. In alignment with the CECA Marketing strategy, the Business Development Manager will develop, plan and execute a Business Development Tactical Plan to focus efforts on the areas of greatest priority (programs, geographic areas) to increase the number of relevant jobs for students according the targets and metrics set by the CECA Executive team.

Key Accountabilities:

1.Recruit, lead and manage the individual and team performance of a national business development team such as Business Developers and Lead Co-ordinators) to achieve department targets/goals/metrics: through the implementation of the Business Development Tactical Plan (new employer recruiting, re-engagement with former employers, meet targets for focus areas, new job relevance, lead conversion to job posting and jobs filled, new employer success and retention rates past first term and service delivery, etc.)

Train and coach Business Developers in areas including job-development planning, relationship-based sales skills and processes, lead management, customer service to “sell” UW students and programs to prospective employers.

Identify and share best practices in job development for continual improvement of individual, team and departmental performance.

As part of hiring decisions that manager makes, ensure balance of team experience/knowledge of sectors/programs

2.Define and manage the execution of the Business Development Tactical Plan in alignment with the CECA Marketing Strategy.

Design an annual tactical plan for Canada and the US that aligns with the CECA Marketing strategy to define actions that target high priority prospective employers to increase the number of employers, the number of jobs posted and the number of jobs filled.

Participate in marketing and job development events such as conferences, tradeshows, job fairs, etc to attract and follow-up with prospective new employers .

Build a relationship and document new employer profile with first time employers to ensure an exemplary customer experience in the definition, acceptance, posting and filling of jobs.

Ensure a smooth transition of new employers to Account Managers with the transfer of employer knowledge ,


3.Manage the business development team’s operating job development budget.

4.Provide input into CECA planning process and outputs

Strategic input to CECA Marketing Strategy

Development of and leadership of the Business Development Tactical Plan

Regional Job Development Plans for each Region (together with each Regional Manager)

input and guidance to prospective employer presentations, materials and communications (e.g. event invites, post-event follow-up email templates etc)

Production of marketing activity ROI reports each term to demonstrate effectiveness of marketing activities in number of new employers engaged, number of jobs posted and number of jobs filled.


5.Manage the leads funnel of all prospective employer contacts resulting from various marketing activities and campaigns, general inquiries through the web or by phone, and through new program feasibility studies.

Manage and supervise the Leads Coordinator who will enter in prospective employer information and report on lead status on a biweekly basis to the Exec team

Manage the allocation of leads to the Business Developers and ensure consistent, standardized processes and practices in the follow-up of all leads

Gage the level of leads required to optimize Business Developers effectiveness and efficiency

Engage services of outbound tele-sales to increase leads volume as required to maintain steady leads funnel

Assess funnel and composite of lead sources and success to provide input to the Business Development Tactical Plan and the CECA Marketing Strategy


6.Lead and manage direct reports and ensure the delivery of results in support of CECA mission, vision and guiding principles including:

Providing information and context needed for the employee to be effective

Hiring, developing and retaining the best qualified staff available from inside or outside CECA.

Setting goals and expectations and helping employees create clear paths to success

Developing effective work team dynamics

Ensure appropriate back up, support and cross training to manage capacity.

Managing performance through both formal (performance appraisal) and informal methods such as regular feedback, coaching and one-to-ones.

Identifying development opportunities in others and co-creating with the employee a development plan; regularly following up on the progress of development

Position Requirements


Undergraduate degree, preferably with business focus


5 years experience in successfully leading and managing a national business development or sales team across Canada and the US

Experience in managing people in remote locations preferred

5 years successful experience in new business development Demonstrated success in new sales, including setting and surpassing targets/goals

Demonstrated ability to solve client problems and overcome client objections

Demonstrated experience as a strong business and people leader, who has led a team of professionals charged with delivering business results, and successfully managed their team and individual performance against those results.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Advanced: use of all tools in the tool bar in addition to being able to export image files from either excel or another program. no instruction or ramp-up time required to use Word in the requirements of the role. Average: use of basic excel functionality in spreadsheet format: data entry, use of basic formulas, creation of basic charts etc.l Advanced: needs to be able to create power-point presentations using a branded template, work with embedding multimedia file formats where necessary other

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

A team player with ability to work across multiple teams and disciplines, the Business Development Manager is skilled at building and managing relationships at different organizational levels (i.e. from hiring manager to CEO), and meeting clients’ customer service expectations. The Business Development Manager has strong verbal, written and presentation communication skills to “sell” UW programs and students to prospective employers. The Business Development Manager looks for opportunities for continuous improvement in work processes and working relationships. The Business Development Manager uses strong leadership, people management, problem solving and flexible thinking skills to deliver results, and has a demonstrated ability to create a plan of action based on the organizational priorities and harness available resources to meet or exceed targets

Level of Responsibility:

The Business Development Manager is responsible for the direct supervision of others. The Business Development Manager manages a team and is responsible for the work in the team across the company.

Problem solving
The Business Development Manager solves problems relating to creating jobs for students, satisfying employers who are unable to hire, and managing the size of a geographic area relative to team size. The Business Development Manager also assesses the leads funnel quality and quantity to maximize the team’s capacity and performance.

Financial Accountability
The Business Development Manager is responsible for creating, managing and operating within the team’s operating budget.

Internal and External Contacts
The Business Development Manager deals with, influences and motivates a group of direct reports including Business Developers and the Leads Coordinator. The Business Development Manager collaborates with CECA co-workers including Regional Managers, Account Managers, Communications and Marketing team members and Faculty Relations Managers on tasks and planning related to job development, transition of new employers and the employer experience. The Business Development Manager exchanges information with the Assistant Director, Planning and Financial Management regarding metrics, budgets and reports. The Business Development Manager works with the Leads Coordinator to report on the leads funnel.
Within University of Waterloo, the Business Development Manager may participate in events or councils lead by various faculties or Academic Support Units (Office of Development and Alumni Affairs)

The Business Development Manager deals with prospective employers, business and industry associations and professional networks for job development activities.

Decision-Making Authority:

The Business Development Manager makes decisions about where to focus people and budget resources to attain maximum value, about service standards to employers, about employee-related issues such as performance management, recruitment, training and development.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

This role requires exertion of physical or sensory effort resulting in moderate fatigue, strain or risk of injury due to travel and long hours at trade shows.

Working Environment:

This role involves minimal psychological risk resulting from unavoidable exposure to hazardous, disagreeable or uncomfortable environmental conditions, including travel requirements within Canada and the US, unusual hours or schedules due to travel and marketing events, irregular and/or high volumes and multiple and/or tight deadlines beyond one's control (because term by term number of students requiring jobs is variable, deprivation caused by isolation (i.e. working from home office) and constant interruptions (i.e. phone calls and e-mails).