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Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator


School of Architecture

Effective Date: January 12, 2007
Grade: USG 6 Reports to: Administrative Manager

General Accountability

Reporting to the Administrative Manager, the Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator (USSC) is responsible for the operations and implementation of the undergraduate academic program by establishing and applying academic regulations, allocating space in the Architecture Studios, overseeing the admission process, maintaining student records, tracking student progress, and advising undergraduate students.  He/she is also responsible to the Co-Director of Graduate Studies and the General Manger on matters relating to academics, curriculum, and administrative work

Nature and Scope

Located in the Galt City Centre of Cambridge Ontario (30 km south of the main campus), the School of Architecture offers a program leading to an accredited professional degree. The program has two components, a four year Honours Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS), and a one year professional Master of Architecture. The two degrees in combination constitute the professional program accredited by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board.  The USSC oversees students’ admission to and progress through the undergraduate program ensuring that they meet all graduation requirements. He/she is responsible for students from their application to the Bachelor of Architectural Studies program to their graduation.


The USSC liaises between the School of Architecture and its undergraduate students for support and coordination of academic activity within the School.  This includes the implementation of the academic program, establishment and application of academic regulations, allocation of space in the Architecture Studios, admissions, maintenance of student records, tracking student progress and advising undergraduate students.


The USSC has a great deal of responsibility because the School of Architecture is located off-campus. Many duties normally carried out by Faculty and University level staff fall to the USSC, especially in the areas of Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions.  He/she coordinates with the Graphics Exhibitions and Marketing Manager various recruitment, advertising and related projects related to undergraduate admissions.


The USSC is a key player in assisting the Director, Associate Director Undergraduate, General Manager, and Faculty to reduce the levels of stress experienced by the students in what not only is acknowledged to be a very demanding intellectual and creative environment but challenges associated with being located in a facility located away from the main campus.


The UCCR must be fully aware of the conditions that students and faculty work in the School of Architecture and is specifically responsible for the administrative and academic structures that are designed to assist in limiting both the sources and effects of stress.


Being a front-line staff member, the USSC handles daily student inquires and advises students on all aspects of the undergraduate programs, policies, and regulations.  He/she maintains a tracking system of undergraduate student activity and inquiries, academic requirements, course selections as well as manages a list of scholarship and student aid opportunities.

Statistical Data

The USSC is accountable to approximately 350 undergraduate students.  The curriculum in the School of Architecture is particularly broad and heavy involving 58 (0.5) credit courses required for graduation.   He/she is also responsible for coordinating first year admissions that consists of 1200 applicants, 300 on-site interviews, and 150 mail-in portfolios.  The USSC also coordinates and participates in 5-8 local (UW), national, and international recruitment fairs.

Specific Accountabilities

Student Information and Advising:

The USSC liaises with the Registrar’s Office preparing and updating student files on course grades, academic decisions, and course deadlines/extensions as well as representing the School of Architecture in all correspondence and discussions relating to its curriculum and operations. 


With respect to the academic program, the USSC prepares documents for course changes and development, schedules all core and elective courses in conjunction with the Undergraduate Student Advisor, reviews course outlines to avoid conflicts in scheduling and workload conflicts, and verifies that course outlines and schedules comply with school, faculty, and university policies.


Recruitment and Marketing:

In collaboration with the Recruitment, Marketing and Admissions staff at the University and in Engineering, the Architecture Admissions Chair and the Director, the USSC manages the undergraduate recruitment (OSS, Non-OSS, and international including arranging student tours of the facility; responding to prospective student inquiries, participating in all recruitment events, managing the admissions process; coordinating over 400 student interviews, overseeing the final selection process, tracking confirmed students, monitoring and responding to the web-based student forum and assisting with the process of housing the incoming students.


The USSC is also responsible for participating in UW day, UW Campus Day, University of Waterloo Day, and Student Life 101 being the lead contact and representative for the School of Architecture.  He/she is also responsible for arranging/managing/monitoring school tours of potential students and their guardians that is normally conducted by the Visitors Centre on the main UW main campus. 


Committee Representation:

The USSC is involved with student and school activities and actively participates in the following activities:  UW Admissions Committee, Architecture School Committee, Architecture Undergraduate Affairs Committee, Architecture Undergraduate Admissions Committee, Architecture Student Promotions Committee, Faculty Undergraduate Studies Committee, and Waterloo Architecture Students Association.


Co-op Liaison:

The USSC is designated as the Co-operative Education and Career Services (CECS) liaison staff person who is responsible for arranging transportation to Toronto for student interviews as well as booking rooms and monitoring availability for interviews.  He/she collaborates with the Co-op Advisor by informing about room availability, scheduling, and posting meeting times for instructional sessions pertaining to return-to-campus interviews, international visas, and COOP.  Each term, the USSC collects student work reports, hires a Co-op work report marker, records work report grades on “JobMine”, and forwards student work evaluations to CECS for documentation.


Accreditation and Academic Reviews:

In collaboration with the Coordinator of Graduate Studies and Research, the USSC ensures compliance of curriculum with Canadian Architectural Certification Board criteria for professional accreditation.  He/she also assists the Director and General Manager in producing program accreditation reports as well as cyclical UW Departmental Review.


Exhibition and Work Space Scheduling:

The USSC is responsible for managing and scheduling studio, lab, and teaching space at the school including making special arrangements/rearrangements for exhibitions, reviews and other events that are not part of the regular curriculum schedule.


International Programs and Exchanges:

In collaboration with the Director and General Manager, the UCCR assists with international and program exchanges by liaising with the Associate Director (Rome), the International Studies Office, CECS, the Office of the Registrar, and the Italian Consulate in Toronto.  He/she assists with coordinating the 4A Rome Program each year by managing the visa application process and organizing meetings to disseminate information relating to course curriculum, student life, budget considerations, and housing.

Working Conditions