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Men's Hockey Coach and IU Coordinator

Department: Athletics and Recreational Services Effective Date: April 2003
Grade: USG 8-9 Reports to:

General Accountability

This position is accountable to Director of Athletics and Recreational Services.  Additionally, this position is a member of the Interuniversity Team of Coordinators.

Nature and Scope

The men's Hockey Coach is a professional staff Head Coach position directly supervised by the Director of Athletics.

The incumbent is responsible for the supervision and management of approximately 3/4 part-time coaches and many volunteer persons.

As a professional coaching position, the incumbent has responsibilities for budget preparation, staff supervision, equipment purchases, practice preparation, teaching, and overall supervision of approx. 25 student athletes in practice, game and travelling situations,  recruitment of potential student-athletes, and scouting opponents. Other duties and responsibilities involve establishing travel itineraries, schedule projections, the operation of an off-season training program, and adherence to all O.U.A. and C.I.S. regulations.

The Hockey Coach is responsible for the health and well-being of the students on the team for five practices per week, and many competitive exposures in the period from early September to March. This includes approx. 28-36 games which require the incumbent to work evenings and weekends.

Expectations would also include counselling and advising student-athletes under the coach’s jurisdiction, in the maintenance of academic standing (monitoring team members grades, advising students of aids such as Time Management and Study Skills workshops, alternative streaming, etc.); career planning; health and nutrition; goal setting; personal problem solving; skill and technique advancement; and further hockey opportunities (camps, Provincial and elite teams, etc.).

Recruitment of student-athletes to the University of Waterloo would take the incumbent annually to 20 or more centres, contact with about 50 potential students, and interaction with Clubs and Provincial Sport Organizations' personnel. Campus liaison, information about academic opportunities, opportunities for campus visitation, and pre-entrance training programs for prospective students are included in this area.

As one of the Interuniversity Coordinators, the incumbent is responsible for the development, planning, scheduling, budgeting, evaluation, and discipline of 3/4 varsity programs involving approximately 100  student athletes per year.  The development and planning of the program will be consistent with the philosophy of the Department, and done in conjunction with the other program Coordinators and the Director.  The Coordinator is responsible for a program of professional development and/or certification for the supervising part-time coaches. Payment of major officials, minor officials, event personnel will be done through the Assistant Office Manager. Scheduling of the program games/tournaments and practices shall be done in conjunction with the other Coordinators and the Facilities Manager, and comply with O.U.A. (Ontario) and C.I.S.(National) directives.

As an Interuniversity Coordinator, the incumbent must see that an active program of recruiting student athletes to the University, is pursued by coaches. Liaison is required with High Schools, the High School Liaison Office, Junior Development and Club programs. Equally important is the encouragement of graduating athletes and parents to remain supportive of the University as alumni and 'friends' of the University.

The Coordinator is also responsible for the purchase of the equipment necessary for the operation of the programs. The incumbent shall direct the Office Manager to procure travel funds, vehicles, and accommodation for all away events. The management of home events, including direction to the Facility Manager is also the Coordinator's responsibility.

The Coordinators, along with the Director, are the Department's representatives to  appropriate provincial and national Interuniversity Associations  and committees thereof. They also initiate and guide appropriate student committees to permit involvement and input in all aspects of the Interuniversity program; they receive annual reports from coaches and support personnel and make recommendations for future program directions and development based on the collective knowledge from all the above sources. The Coordinators also are teachers, facilitators, troubleshooters, disciplinarians, and provide solutions for difficulties arising from or within their respective programs.

The incumbent is responsible for any additional duties as assigned by the Director.


This Coordinator is responsible for a budget of approximately $200,000.00 annually.

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Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions