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Academic Officer


Faculty of Arts: Undergraduate Office

Effective Date: November 2010
Grade: USG 9 Reports to: Associate Dean: Undergraduate Studies, Faculty of Arts

General Accountability

The Academic Officer reports and is accountable to the Associate Dean: Undergraduate Studies. The position is responsible for carrying out, in part or in whole, Undergraduate Office/Arts Faculty functions in a very wide range of areas: admissions, applicant liaison, course timetabling and scheduling, student records and advisement systems, grade report assessment, academic advising, and statistical analysis and tracking.

Nature and Scope

The Arts Undergraduate Office (AUO) provides wide-ranging service to the Faculty of Arts as a whole as well as the University of Waterloo community in the areas of undergraduate curriculum development and change, and in the broad area of student engagement, which includes student recruiting, academic counselling and advisement, as well as any new initiatives focused on outreach, engagement and retention of new students, current students, and/or alumni. Specific activities and specializations of the AUO include communications and publications, recruitment and liaison, applicant counselling, admissions and transfer credit assessment, student advisement, course counselling and confidential counselling, student academic discipline, academic and standings progress monitoring, transition and retention, enrolment management support, and curriculum development and support.

The AUO serves a clientele of approximately 4,000 undergraduate students (of an estimated 7,000 full- and part-time students in Arts) with a wide range of needs and interests, and other significant groups including a large and various audience of Arts Faculty applicants and potential applicants, the Dean of Arts, Arts’ other Associate Deans, the Arts department Chairs and Associate Chairs: Undergraduate Studies, other offices and areas of the university, and other educational institutions and members of the public. Student clients may be full- or part-time, on campus or at a distance, OSS or non-OSS, domestic or international, young or mature, internal or external transfers, Honours Arts Year I, non-degree, in Honours Arts and Business regular or co-op, or in upper-year Liberal Studies.

While each of the five academic staff members holds a position representing particular aspects and focuses within the AUO, the relationships of the particular functions are very close, and the positions have the core skills of academic counselling and advisement in common. All academic staff members work in co-ordination and frequent communication with each other and with the Associate Dean: Undergraduate Studies, to promote the successful achievement of the goals and purposes of students in the Faculty of Arts, and of the Faculty’s overall mission.

The Academic Officer is one of 11 staff members in the AUO, which is headed by Arts’ Associate Dean: Undergraduate Studies.

Statistical Data

Number of Arts departments:

15 + School of Accounting and Finance

Number of Arts academic disciplines:

More than 30

Number of Arts academic plans:

More than 230 majors, minors, options, diplomas, etc.

Average number of first-year students receiving assistance with Fall and Winter course selection, per term

500 – 600

Average number of students under purview of Dean of Arts Office:

Liberal Studies: 1,600

Honours Arts, Year One: 750

Arts and Business, Year One: 500

Transfer students: 400

Non-degree students: 200


Average number of large classroom scheduling requests per term:


Average number of Arts courses and related components offered per term:


Meetings of Regulations Committee per year:


Meetings of UGAG per year:


Meetings of Timetabling Committee per year:


Specific Accountabilities

Significant Internal Relationships:

Working Conditions