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Senior Manager, University of Waterloo Mass Spectrometry Facility

Department: Chemistry Effective Date: January, 2014

USG 13

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Chair, Department of Chemistry

General Accountability

The University of Waterloo Mass Spectrometry Facility Manager is responsible for all aspects of facility operations. The position is accountable to the Chair of the Department of Chemistry to strategically lead facility operations, implement new systems, processes and strategies, as well as management/administration of the state-of-the-art facility located in the Department of Chemistry. The primary objectives are to provide research support and expertise to Faculties at the University of Waterloo, other universities and industries as well as to provide strategic direction (in consultation with the Chair of the Department of Chemistry and the Dean of Science) for the facilities physical infrastructure, management structure, growth strategy and on-going operations. The Senior Manager is responsible for providing campus-wide research, technical and operational leadership in a highly specialized area and must work effectively with both academic and administrative units.

Nature and Scope

The position plays a crucial role in ensuring the long-term operational success of the UWMSF and requires strong scientific and relational skills to identify, implement and successfully conclude complex scientific and administrative projects.  As the only mass spectrometry center at UW, the facility participates and supports research programs within the Faculty of Science, WIN (Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology), Engineering, and Applied Health Sciences, as well as the initiatives in the University of Waterloo’s Strategic Plan.  The Facility Manager works closely with faculty, researchers, and students to provide the university community with scientific and technical expertise; works with stakeholders in various administrative units to develop strategies to improve facility visibility, funding opportunities, outreach and business development.


The Faculty of Science constitutes four academic departments (Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Physics and Astronomy) as well as two health schools (Optometry, Pharmacy), consisting of approximately 180 faculty members, 160 staff members, 4000 undergraduate and 550 graduate students. WIN is comprised of 54 faculty members from 8 departments.


The Faculties of Engineering and Applied Health Sciences constitute 20 departments and one school, and have approximately 300 faculty members, 290 staff members, 7,100 undergraduate and 1850 graduate students. Other universities and industry also have access to the Facility.

Statistical Data

The UWMSF currently operates five sophisticated mass spectrometry systems with a capital value of more than $3.5 million.  The data generated from the Facility contributes to more than 100 scientific publications and conference posters/presentations annually.  The non-salary annual operating budget for the Facility is approximately $100,000.

Specific Accountabilities

The UWMSF Senior Manager is responsible for:


Areas of responsibility will continue to evolve to keep pace with changes in technology and the needs of the University to service the growing number of new users such as those in the School of Optometry and the School of Pharmacy, thereby resulting in a greater research contribution to the University.

Working Conditions

Time is typically shared between communicating/collaborating/and training faculty members, students and postdoctoral fellows, operating the facility and an office environment.  The UWMSF is an instrumental/chemical laboratory. Works irregular hours as necessary to support all aspects of facility operations.