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Technologist – Structures, Materials, Fatigue and Concrete Labs

Department: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Effective Date: January 1, 2013


37.5 hr/wk

Reports to: Administrative Officer and Lab Co-ordinator, Civil & Environmental Engineering

General Accountability

The Technologist in the Structures, Materials, Fatigue and Concrete Labs is accountable to the Administrative Officer and a designate Faculty Lab Co-ordinator for the management of activities in the laboratories that encompass undergraduate, graduate and faculty research and teaching programs as well as contract research.

Nature and Scope

The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering is one of six departments in the Faculty of Engineering and one of the largest and most well-respected civil and environmental engineering departments in Canada. It offers undergraduate degree programs leading to a BASc in civil, environmental and geological engineering, graduate thesis-based programs (MASc and PhD) and a practical MEng program. The department’s 830 undergraduate and 190 graduate students are supported by 41 faculty, 7 administrative staff, 11 technical staff and 16 research staff.

The Technologist (Structures, Materials, Fatigue and Concrete Labs) is responsible for all activities in the Structures and Concrete Lab areas including undergraduate teaching & research, and graduate and faculty research. Currently there are 12 active researchers from the SMC area, four researchers from CPATT and CATT and two active emeriti carrying out research activity in the laboratories.  This includes all research under these supervisors. 

The areas of research and the types of lab equipment used are continuously evolving and changing to keep pace with technology and institutional requirements.  The Technologist – Structures, Materials, Fatigue and Concrete Labs is expected to be responsive to these changing needs and new design techniques.

Statistical Data

Laboratory areas:                         E3-2101 (130 NASMs)

E3-2102 (3323 NASMs)

                                                        E3-2104 (279 NASMs)

                                                        E3-2138 (153 NASMs)

                                                        E3-2139 (90 NASMs)

                                                        E3-2140C (80 NASMs)

                                                        E3-2141 (77 NASMs)

Specific Accountabilities

Taking direction from the Lab Co-ordinator, the Technologist:

Working Conditions

Time is spent working in the various laboratories and sitting in a comfortable position in the office carrying out administrative tasks.  There is a frequent need to give close attention to various stimuli such as written material, online material and information discussed with clients (students, faculty and company representatives) and co-workers.  The work is varied. Work in the laboratories includes:  climbing, heavy lifting, dust and noise, construction type activities, safe operation of power tools, the forklift truck and the overhead crane.  There are deadline pressures and competing priorities while at the same time there is a demand for thoroughness, accuracy and safety issues.  Much time is spent on discussion with students and faculty concerning design, equipment fabrication and set-up, and data acquisition.