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Senior Manager, Grants and Government Reserach Contracts, NSERC, NCE, Natural Science Engineering and Math

Date: August 22, 2013
Reports to (Job Title):

Associate Vice-President, Research

Jobs Reporting (Job Titles):

NSERC coordinator, GGRC and Co-op student

Location: Waterloo Main Campus

USG 12

35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The incumbent is responsible for pre-award coordination, review, submission, eligibility assurance and appeals  of research grants, agreements and contracts. This includes awards from NSERC (with the exception of partnership programs), National Centers of Excellence, Business-Led National Centers of Excellence, US Government, not-for-profit organizations and foundations within and outside of Canada. The incumbent also has post-award administrative responsibility for research grants, agreements, contracts and internships at the faculty/postdoctoral/graduate/undergraduate level.  The incumbent serves as a professional and competent resource to external funding agencies and to members of the University community undertaking sponsored research or involved in its administration. The incumbent must be a pro-active problem-solver and be able to work effectively within tight time lines and in high stress situations, particularly during the period prior to submission deadlines. The incumbent must have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of funding agency programs and be able to balance and meet concurrent deadlines. Ensuring that UW’s reputation is upheld, that research accountability requirements are met, that research-related policies and guidelines are adhered to, and that potential liability situations, intellectual property protection and conflict of interest situations are properly managed  are examples of the incumbent’s range of responsibilities. The incumbent must also be knowledgeable about the administrative structure of those Faculties conducting research for which he/she has administrative responsibility.


Key Accountabilities:

1.  Pre-Award Responsibilities include:



2.  Post-Award responsibilities include:




3.  Other duties:

Position Requirements


Master’s degree in related discipline or equivalent education and experience




MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Expert Expert Expert InfoEd Database, Adobe Pro, Electronic submissions Canadian/US government

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

The Manager, GGRC, needs to build and maintain professional working relationships within the Office of Research and the broader University community, and  with stakeholders and sponsors.  The incumbent must possess excellent communication, management, organizational and negotiating skills in order to effectively liaise with many different groups including students, post-doctoral fellows, faculty, administrators, peers,  Associate Deans, Research, Chairs/Directors, Deans,  Vice-Presidents and Associate Vice-Presidents within   the University of Waterloo and  at other Universities within Canada and the U.S.  Also, the incumbent must deal with sponsors in many sectors outside of the University Community (Federal & provincial governments, Not-for-profit organizations, Industry in Canada and US, as examples). The incumbent must work collaboratively with these groups, sharing information and negotiating with them.  The incumbent must be responsive to change, be able to recommend forward actions and be creative in striving to achieve strategic goals. 

Level of Responsibility:


Problem solving:


Financial Accountability:

Decision-Making Authority:

The incumbent must negotiate the terms of sponsor agreements, contracts, and amendments and  act as signatory  for the execution of agreements and amendments  valued at up to $200,000 per agreement/amendment, except for Tri-Council where authority is $200,000 per year up to $1 Million). The incumbent manages the terms and conditions of  agreements; prepares, negotiates and manages sub-award agreements and amendments with other universities and research institutions; prepares, negotiates and executes service contracts; and negotiates and executes non-disclosure agreements, material transfer agreements, master agreements, and other research-related agreements . These agreements can reach multi-millions of dollars in value and be multi-institutional.  Agreement negotiations are time-consuming and require negotiating skills to limit risk to Waterloo and provide clear and workable terms and conditions.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

This position engenders moderate fatigue, strain or injury as a substantial amount of time is spent sitting at a keyboard doing repetitive keyboard/mouse movement. Sensory demands are high as concentration and attentiveness to detail are imperative.  The environment has many distractions including phone, e-mail and constant interruptions.  Peak times (Sept-Nov and March-April) due to hours involved escalate both sensory and physical demands to extremes.

Working Environment:

This position entails minimal risk resulting from contact with hazardous chemicals or environmental elements.  Psychological risk factors are possible from stress and/or interactions with clients who can be upset, angry, abusive, aggressive, unstable or unpredictable.  The position involves dealing irregularly with high volumes of applications/grants/agreements and multiple tight deadlines, in particular in the Fall (Sept-Nov) and Spring (March-April).