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Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, IQC

Date: June 2, 2015
Reports to (Job Title): Assistant Director, Administration
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Department: Institute for Quantum Computing


QNC (Main Campus) and RAC 1 (Res. Techology Park)


35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Executive Assistant works closely with the Executve Director and the Executive in Residence, and is responsible for the Executive Director’s daily schedule and itinerary, allowing the Executive Director to focus on strategic leadership.  The Executive Assistant must be proactive in screening and collecting background information on all signature requests and must monitor the flow and response path for all requests received by the Executive Director

Key Accountabilities:

1.  Executive Director Support:

The Executive Director of IQC is simultaneously a top world scientist, an international personality and the head of a cross disciplinary institute working with three academic faculties and seven academic departments; involved in everything from intern programs, graduate studies, postdoctoral studies, to faculty recruitment.  The Institute is funded by private public partnership involving $100 Million plus in private funding, and also significant federal and provincial government funding (~$250 Million).  Currently IQC has one CERC Chair ($10 Million), three CRC Chairs and one endowed chair, as well as endowed scholarship funding.  The Director/IQC hosts many prestigious visitors each year, including personages such as Stephen Hawking, nobel prize winners, royalty, and high level private sector and government officials from both Canada and around the globe.  Local media as well as internationally acclaimed media personalities seek interviews with the Executive Director on an ongoing basis. The Executive Assistant is expected to manage the Executive Director’s daily schedule and itinerary, allowing the Executive Director to focus on strategic leadership.  She/he is responsible for screening all signature requests and is expected to be proactive in collecting background information so that the Executive Director is able to make decisions as appropriate, and in a timely manner.  The Executive Assistant is expected to pass on direcrives to Managers when requested to do so by the Executive Director.  She/he is responsible for following up on these directives to ensure appropriate action has been taken, and to keep the Executive Director informed accordingly.  This position must monitor the flow and response path for all correspondence that comes to the Executive Director.  She/he must ensure that all correspondence and requests are responded to in an appropriate and timely manner and that managers involved are kept aware of the response flow.



2.  Faculty Hiring:

The Executive Assistant is expected to provide administrative support to the faculty hiring committees;  both regular faculty and Research Assistant Professor, (with the exeception of Chemistry, E&CE, and CERC interview schedules).  This includes advertising, arranging interview visits and itineraries (liasing with the Visitor Coordinator), record (statistic) keeping, preparation of rejection letters and liaising with all (seven) departments to process job offers to candidates (i.e. forwarding UARC information and commitment letters, etc. to departments.  This includes ensuring she/he has current knowledge of all policies and procedures, both within the university and for external agencies including CRA and Immigration Canada.




3.  Special Projects and General Administration:

The Executive Assistant is expected to liase with the Financial Officer to ensure monitoring of financial resources for the Executive Director, and to provide information to ensure use of funds is maximized, by providing advice on deadlines and adherence to budget.  This includes administration and monitoring of accounts following extablished policies and procedures appropriate to the various granting agencies.  She/he is expected to initate payroll processing for students and interns as directed by the Executive Director.

The Executive Assistant arranges extensive world wide travel and processes travel claims for the Executive Director, Executive in Residence and the Executive Director’s research group.  She/he is expected to research visa requirements and arrange these as appropriate.

The Executive Assistant monitors faculty stipends, notifies the Executive Director of impending end dates, and processes new stipends and extensions as appropriate.

The Executive Assistant liaises with the Communications Team to prepare Board Meeting and Executive Council reports/handouts.

The Executive Assistant provides administrative support for IQC Faculty Meetings, preparing the agenda and taking minutes.

The Executive Assistant coordinates the annual performance review process for IQC faculty.  She/he maintains up to date information (graphs/spreadsheets) on information pertaining to faculty for presentation at Board of Director and Executive Council meetings, i.e. age profiles, research areas, recruiting information, etc.

The Executie Assistant maintains the Executive Director’s CV and website to ensure both are up to date and accurate.

The Executive Assistant provides administrative support for external positions held by the Executive Director i.e  CIFAR Program Director and Science Technology & Innovation Council (STIC).

The Executive Assistant maintains up to date listings of IQC committee memberships and notifies the Executive Director of pending expirations.  She/he updates the websites accordingly.

The Executive Assistant works with the Executive Director to prepare reports on various grants, collecting financial and other information as appropriate.

The Executive Assistant is expected to provide assistant with special projects as assigned by IQC Administration (Executive Director, Executive in Residence, and Assistant Director, Administration)

Position Requirements


Bachelor’s degree and/or some post-secondary education required, preferably in business administration


Extensive administrative experience in an academic environment.  Demonstrated knowedge of UW’s policies and procedures related to appointments, travel, and research grant administration.  Project managementexperience and  demonstrated analytical and organizational  skills.  Proven ability to deal with confidential issues and interact effectively with a wide range of individuals.  Proven aptitude for attention to detail and ability to manage multiple demands.  Demonstrated ability to work independently and as a team member in a busy and varied environment with deadlines and changing priorities


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Advanced Advanced Intermediate

Outlook - AdvancedWeb page editing - IntermediateSharepoint - Intermediate

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Excellent communication (oral and written), able to communicate effectively, prescisely, and professionally with internal and external sources.  Proative in anticipating the need of the Executive Diretor and IQC team. Ability to earn the trust and confidence of the IQC team.  Proven ability to deal with confidential issues.  The executive Assistant must deal with personnel in seven academic departments and as well with personnel in three Dean’s offices and the President and Vice President’s offices. It is extremely important that she/he establishes excellent working relationships with these individuals as they need to work closely together on many matters.  The Executive Assistant must be tactful in conveying the importance of IQC tasks and deadlines.

Level of Responsibility:

The Executive Assistant must possess good judgement, initiative and flexibility to adapt to competing tasks with minimal supervison, working with a high degree of autonomy on matters related to faculty appointments, annual faculty reviews, and other procedural matters.  She/he is expected to be proactive in advising the Executive Director of pending deadlines and to follow up with both the Executive Director, and managers as appropriate.

Decision-Making Authority:

Problem solving is a critical skill for this position.  Unexpected issues and/or conflicts may arise and the incumbent must be capable of analyzing problems and quickly solving issues.  Makes decisions with respect to most efficient use of Executive Director’s time (i.e meetings, events, travel) and seeks advice when required.  Is expected to work independently carrying out all tasks.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

This role requires exertion of physical or sensory effort resulting in moderate fatigue, strain or risk of injury, as a substantial amount of time is spent sitting at a computer with repetitive keyboard movements.  The Executive Assistant is expected to work overtime when situations arise.  In particular, the monthly IQC faculty meetings are held after hours and the Executive Assistant is responsible for minute taking.  Special events such as faculty retreats, open houses, etc. also require her/his presence.

Working Environment:

 This role involves minimal psychological risk resulting from unavoidable exposure to disagreeable or uncomfortable environmental conditions.  The role involves dealing with a variety of tasks; frequent interruptions and adjustment of priorities, and meeting multiple, conflicting, and/or tight deadlines.