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Coordinator of Equipment Services

Department: Athetics & Recreational Services Effective Date: March 11, 2013


40 hr/wk

Reports to: Manager-Interuniversity Sport

General Accountability

This position is responsible for coordinating and managing all equipment programs and requirements for Interuniversity Athletics and Campus Recreation, including uniforms, apparel, lendables, student-athlete and gameday operations requirements, and non-capital equipment.

Nature and Scope

The Coordinator of Equipment Services reports directly to the Manager – Interuniversity Sport. Assists the Associate Director, Athletics and the Associate Director, Campus Recreation and Business Development\, and provides functional directional with other senior managers. The incumbent interfaces directly with other department supervisory positions including Interuniversity Coordinators, Campus Recreation Coordinators, Marketing department, as well as the equipment centre full and part-time staff.


The incumbent is required to interact with other university non-athletic staff, faculty, and administrative units such as Plant Operations, Grounds, Janitorial Services, and Security. Similarly, this person also interfaces with all constituent user groups who utilize the services available in the Physical Activities Complex, the Columbia Icefield, and outdoor fields.


The Coordinator of Equipment Services oversees the department’s outfitting programs including varsity uniforms and apparel for all 32 varsity teams, camps and campus recreation requirement.  The incumbent is responsible for sourcing vendors, suppliers and partners, managing licensing and supplier agreements and maintaining relationships. 


The Coordinator of Equipment Services directs the receiving, distribution, storage, cleaning, and inventory of all athletic equipment from balls to uniforms, pads, protective gear, apparel, etc., uniforms for 31 men's and women's varsity teams (650 student-athletes), and recreational equipment for a Campus Recreation programming servicing more than 19,000 participants per year.


Plans, develops, negotiates and manages department contracts and agreements for Athletic apparel, equipment, and services, with functional direction from the Manager, Marketing and Alumni. Determines contract agreement requirements, facilitates competitive tender processes, negotiates contract terms with suppliers/service providers and monitors/manages ongoing service provision consistent with contract terms.


Co-ordinates and provides expert advisory services to all department programs in the development and management of contracts for the acquisition of a wide variety of athletic goods and services, consistent with the University’s and Department’s business direction, and adhering to policies and standards set out by the OUA and CIS sporting bodies.


The incumbent must be knowledgeable in university purchasing, procurement and branding policies and procedures, familiar with department and staff policies, have excellent communication and good interpersonal skills. The Coordinator of Equipment Services works directly with the Manager, Marketing and Alumni and the Social Media and Brand Manager in developing branding strategies and coordinating these programs. The incumbent is responsible for planning and forecasting departmental purchasing strategies and developing budgets accordingly.


The incumbent must understand the sport equipment and sport facility industry and have knowledge of tracking and renewal.  The incumbent is responsible for maintaining current knowledge of risk management best practices, and related research on sport equipment and sport injuries related to sport equipment to set and maintain the highest level of standards for varsity and campus recreation programs and services.


The Coordinator of Equipment Services also coordinates dressing rooms set-ups and issues equipment and uniforms to varsity teams. As well, the incumbent will provide primary home game-day equipment support services for selected teams as determined by the Manager – Interuniversity Sport. The incumbent must also coordinate the equipment needs for home and away games and ensure that all equipment and uniforms are safe, clean and presentable.


The incumbent is a member of the full-time staff training team responsible for contributing to the orientation, training, mentoring and functional direction to casual staff employed to work in the intercollegiate and campus recreation programs. In addition, communicating with students, student-athletes, coaches, faculty, staff and representatives from visiting institutions (as per OUA policy) to ensure equipment requirements are followed in a professional manner is essential.


The incumbent is responsible for the developments of an effective risk management plan relevant to the frequency and type of maintenance required on sport equipment and equipment replacement and for making recommendations based on league and industry standards.  This position coordinates the development, documentation, communication, and implementation of equipment policies within the department.


Knowledge is also required of Health and Safety Regulations, commercial laundry equipment, laundering procedures (including chemical usage and ratios), maintenance, and storage. The Coordinator of Equipment Services supervises student equipment trainers and provides functional direction to full time facility staff ensuring policies and procedures surrounding issues of Risk Management, Health Regulations, Dress Code, and proper equipment use.


The incumbent provides orientation and training to all part-time staff relating to all assigned duties and responsibilities.


Provides on-site game management, supervision and support for varsity events as follows:

Statistical Data

The overall annual operations budget of this Manager is approximately $220,000

Specific Accountabilities

The incumbent will have signing authority (with functional direction from the Manager - Interuniversity Sport, Manager - Marketing and Alumni, and Associate Director - Interuniversity Sport in negotiating and administering approximately 200-300 purchases and contracts valued at less than $25,000.00. The incumbent will be the lead in numerous requests for quote and proposal processes, manage approximately 50 suppliers.

Working Conditions

This position requires work in non-traditional hours, often for extended periods of time outside the course of a typical working day.