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Assistant Director, Operations & Outreach Programs

Department: Centre for Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology Effective Date: October,2007


Reports to: Executive Director and the Director of the Centre for Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology.

General Accountability

The Assistant Director, Operations and Outreach Programs reports jointly to the Executive Director and the Director of the Centre for Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology.  The incumbent is responsible for:

Nature and Scope

This position is a full-time position (35 hours/week).  It is contingent on funding.


Other positions reporting to the Executive Director: 1 Director. Other positions reporting to the Director: 4 Assistant Directors.


Positions reporting to the incumbent: 1 Student Liaison, 1 Administrator, 1 Communications and Alumni Officer.


CBET was established in 2001 with the mandate of providing a focal point for the development and co-ordination of business entrepreneurship activities at UW.  CBET currently offers the Master of Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology (MBET) program, as well as Outreach (professional development) programs.  Significant growth is expected to continue over the coming years, as CBET forms partnerships with other universities interested in offering MBET or Outreach programs.


The incumbent is a key member of the management team.


The incumbent has signing authority on all CBET accounts.  The CBET budget is comprised of tuition revenue from academic programs, outreach programs and donation monies.  Some donations are made for specific projects, while others are made generally to CBET.  The incumbent is responsible for identifying appropriate methods for tracking donations and ensuring they fulfill the needs of the Centre. 





Significant Internal and External Relationships:

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Outreach Programs

Provide strategic leadership for the Centre’s Outreach programs





Financial Management & Budget Management

Projection of financial balances, short and long-term financial planning and projection of fiscal sustainability


Human Resources

Directly supervises the activities of other staff members.


Policy Development


Resource Allocation

Working Conditions