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SEEPAC Technician

Department: Centre for Sight Enhancement (Low Vision Services) Effective Date: June 17, 2010
Grade: USG 6 Reports to: SEEPAC Equipment Pool Manager

General Accountability

The SEEPAC Repair Technician reports to the SEEPAC Equipment Pool Manager.  The technician will provide repair/maintenance and servicing support for all equipment managed by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care SEEPAC contract.

Nature and Scope

The School of Optometry Clinic provides a clinical facility for the education of Optometry undergraduates, graduate students and residents at the University of Waterloo. It also provides a comprehensive Optometric service to the general public through a University-based clinic seeing approximately 30,000 patients annually.


The Centre for Sight Enhancement (CSE) is a semi-autonomous clinical research and teaching facility within the School of Optometry. It is involved exclusively with activities related to the assessment and rehabilitation of visual disorders, visual impairments, visual disabilities and visual handicaps.


In addition, the Centre has a contractual arrangement with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to act as the Sight Enhancement Equipment Pool and Assessment Centre (SEEPAC) for the Ministry’s Assistive Devices Program (ADP). As suggested by its title, this Sight Enhancement Equipment Pool and Authorization Centre (SEEPAC) has two component functions. SEEPAC's primary service objective is to provide high technology (computer and CCTV devices) assessment/authorization services and to manage the aggregate inventory (or "pool") of high technology devices and CCTV systems allocated for this Ontario program. This involves acquiring, storing and distributing the project inventory in accordance with policies of the ADP. Inventory management, transactional support, technical support and efficient shipping and receiving are facilitated by an interactive, on-line, bar-coded inventory system, which was developed for this project.


The Technician will be responsible for repair, maintenance and service of the SEEPAC inventory of assistive technology devices ensuring equipment is functioning to manufacturer specifications. These devices are primarily closed circuit television systems (CCTVs) which make up the bulk of the SEEPAC inventory. More limited set-up, repair/maintenance of computer systems and associated assistive technology are occasionally required.   This might involve troubleshooting to the electronics component level, software troubleshooting, working with schematics and utilising test and measurement equipment to ensure that equipment is in good working order and functioning to manufacturer’s specifications. Repair responsibilities may also include light mechanical work. The SEEPAC Technician is responsible for the recertification process involving cleaning, checking and reshelving.


The Technician will be responsible for decisions around warranty repair, in consultation with the Equipment Pool Manager and the product vendor/manufacturer.  Ordering and maintenance of an adequate stock of spare parts will the responsibility of the Technician, using both the UW Purchasing department and the SEEPAC Oracle database.  The Technician must generate accurate records of repairs on the SEEPAC database to facilitate invoicing the vendor/manufacturer for warranty work.  The Technician is also responsible for physical organization of the parts inventory and supplies in the work area; this will included but is not limited to space management and taking routine inventory checks to ensure the accuracy of our database. Repair responsibilities will include light mechanical work.  The Technician will be responsible for advising the Equipment Pool Manager about equipment write-offs and upgrades.


As part of the MOHTL contract SEEPAC manages an annual Request for Proposals and evaluates the new video-based devices companies have submitted for consideration for inclusion in the ADP program.  The Technician is part of the evaluation process, setting up equipment, providing evaluation of equipment and evaluating equipment specs.  Confidentiality surrounding the RFP is of the upmost importance.


The Technician will work closely with the SEEPAC Shipper/Receiver, with communication around repair time estimates to enable the Shipper/Receiver to co-ordinate the shipping of replacement equipment to clients. 


The SEEPAC Technician reports to the SEEPAC Equipment Pool Manager who in turn reports to the CSE Administrator.

Statistical Data

The SEEPAC annual contract with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care provides an annual budget of approximately 2.5 million dollars (in 2009).   The Equipment Pool supports a total of 9 other high technology assessment centres, and three outreach programs (SEEPAC – Windsor, University of Toronto – Peterborough, CNIB Toronto – Barrie) providing assessment expertise and prompt equipment delivery and equipment service to clients of authorizers in these Centres. As part of this contract, the Technician would be responsible for the maintenance of the provincial ADP fleet of leased CCTV units which number approximately 4500. Annually, in excess of 300 units are returned to SEEPAC for repair and an estimated 200 units serviced for recycling or write off and disposal. The Technician also deals with a wide variety of service/support telephone calls to both clients and authorizers.

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Diagnosis of problems, repair, maintenance and service of SEEPAC inventory, ensuring that systems are in good working order and functioning to manufacturer’s specifications.
  2. Maintenance and organization of parts and stock inventory’s, including exchange of parts used for warranty repair.
  3. Monthly inventory checks of all CCTV units in room 383 and at off-site storage locations.
  4. Keeps appropriate records of repairs and maintenance performed on equipment in SEEPAC Oracle Database, to enable accurate billing of warranty or fee for service repairs.
  5. Maintenance of a clean, safe and orderly work area.
  6. Assist with equipment set up and evaluation for the SEEPAC annual Request for Proposals (RFP).
  7. Works closely with the SEEPAC Shipper/Receiver regarding repairs and loaner equipment.
  8. Must have excellent computer skills in order to be able to work in an online environment. 
  9. Work with and make suggestions to the SEEPAC Equipment Pool Manager for procedure changes which would enhance SEEPAC’s operations.
  10. Must be able to read and understand schematic drawings.
  11. Other duties as assigned by the SEEPAC Equipment Pool Manager.

Working Conditions

The Technician must lift heavy loads. Safety shoes must be worn.