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Manager, Housing Finance


Housing and Residences-University Business Operations

Effective Date: June, 2011

USG 10

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Director, Organizational Services

General Accountability

The Manager, Housing Finance is accountable to the Director, Organizational Services to provide financial management and strategic planning support to the University Housing Officer, the Director Organizational Services and to the Directors of the functional areas within the Department of Housing and Residences.S/he establishes and maintains sound accounting practices and ensures that financial activity in Housing and Residences conforms to the University’s financial policies and procedures.

Nature and Scope

Also reporting to the Director, Organizational Services are the

Reporting to the Manager, Housing Finance is the

The Department of Housing and Residences accommodates over 7,000 students over the course of an academic year. The Department has built, operates and maintains 39 institutional buildings and 350 townhouses totaling 1.9 million square feet (approximately 28% of the total UW building space). Over 100 full-time staff and several hundred student staff deliver the highest quality living and learning experience to students in support of the UW mission.

The Manager, Housing Finance is responsible for oversight of all resources and sources of income. Primary responsibilities centre on financial support to the University Housing Officer and the Director, Organizational Services. The Manager’s primary goals include assurance of sound financial management and practices and the efficient and appropriate utilization of the Department’s resources so the Department’s strategic objectives may be met. This includes managing all aspects of the Department’s annual budget process, establishing monetary performance indicators, consultation services and compliance requirements prescribed in legal agreements and by regulatory bodies. S/he provides liaison on financial matters and is the principal contact with the University’s Finance Department. S/he employs accounting methodology, policies and procedures established by Finance and ensures these are well understood among those charged with financial accountability across the Department of Housing and Residences.

The Department operates within a decentralized financial environment and has some freedom to structure its accounts and allocate funding in ways that help achieve its strategic goals. The department is divided into functional areas being: Student development and Residence Life, Admissions and Marketing, Organizational Services and Information Systems. Individuals within these functional areas will seek advice from the incumbent on a variety of financial matters. The Manager must understand the business and operating practices of these various units to provide advice and to exercise sound judgement in situations where a policy, procedure or process may not be in place to deal with the particular issue. S/he provides strategic guidance through preparation of detailed financial reports, funding models and financial plans for strategic initiatives. The Manager is a key player in long-tem planning decisions.

Statistical Data

The Department of Housing and Residences is an ancillary operation which must maintain its fiscal viability by remaining competitive and effectively marketing its services.

Operating budget                                        $32M                                                             

Individual active general ledger accounts      540

Individual budget centres                                 14


Specific Accountabilities

Financial strategy and long-term planning

Financial planning, management and control

Collaboration and management

Working Conditions