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Client Service Administrator

Department: Plant Operations Effective Date: January 2011



Reports to: Manager of Client Services

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Manager of Client Services. Main areas of responsibilities are: Processing Work Requests and Updating the Space File. Secondary areas of responsibilities includes: providing back up as needed in Tool Crib and Key Control in times of absences and volume backlog.

Nature and Scope

Work requests are issued for modifications or attachments to building structures and services and also to provide furnishings and design layouts. These requests will vary in size from minor jobs such as installing shelves and tack boards to major building renovations and site work projects. The incumbent’s responsibilities include data entry of all types of work requests and the administration of those work requests designated outside the scope of the design section and considered minor in nature. He/she must interact with work request clients from across all University departments and areas.

For work assigned to our internal work force and blanket short form contractors, the Administrator is responsible for ensuring that the work is performed in accordance with specifications and standards that meet the University’s requirements. The incumbent is required to communicate specific details and deadlines to the assigned work force. He/she must demonstrate sound judgment and a thorough understanding of University policies and procedures.

Work requests can involve multiple trades. He/she will interact with all trades including carpentry, electrical, plumbing, masonry, painting, refrigeration, controls and grounds keeping. The incumbent will maintain an understanding of the current building, fire, electrical, and mechanical codes. The incumbent must understand accounting procedures as they apply to this job. He/she must possess well-developed interpersonal, organizational, and multi- tasking skills, and have the ability to adapt to change. The incumbent must have good communication and excellent problem solving skills. He/she must have a general knowledge of computing, including standard UW desktop applications (such as Microsoft Office, email, and web tools). As back-up for the Tool Crib, the Administrator will be required to maintain a current certificate for Basic First Aid with CPR.

Space File Administration

The Space File consists of a computerized inventory of all University space and its usage. It is impacted by renovations, alterations and new construction processed through the work request system. These changes are calculated from drawings provided by the Design section. 

For recently added or renovated space, the Space File administrator will be:

Tool Crib Support:

Key Control Support

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions