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Registered Practical Nurse

Department: Health Services Effective Date: Feb, 2006
Grade: USG 07 Reports to: Supervisor of Health Services

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Supervisor of Health Services.  She/he will function as a member of the multi-disciplinary team which includes physicians, psychiatrists, Registered Nurses, Registered Dietitian, Counsellors and Health Educator providing primary health care to students. This includes clinical nursing, emergency care, health education and promotion, counseling, crisis intervention for students as well as emergency care and ongoing medical treatments for staff and faculty of the university community. 

Nature and Scope

The Registered Practical Nurse is accountable for his/her knowledge skill and judgment. The Registered Practical Nurse cares for stable, less complex clients with more predictable outcomes. RPN’s work in collaboration with other members of the health team.

The Registered Practical Nurse, through basic education and continuing learning, possesses knowledge relevant to her/his practice. The Registered Practical Nurse possesses a focused or basic foundation of knowledge in clinical practice, decision-making, critical thinking, research utilization and leadership.

The Registered Practical Nurse assesses each patient’s state of physical or mental health, provides recommendations pursuant to the assessment and accurately documents information in a comprehensive, subjective manner reflecting observations, assessments, management plan and interventions. The RPN will have greater autonomy in this role when caring for a client with less complex conditions. As client complexity increases, there is a corresponding increase in the need for RPNs to consult with RNs, supervisor or physicians.

The Registered Practical Nurse must have a thorough understanding of the confidentiality standards of nursing practice. She/he must be able to apply these College of Nurses standards to all situations.

The RPN may, upon demonstration of adequate depth of knowledge and experience, perform extended nursing functions in the area of Nutrition Counselling


The Information Nurse has the primary responsibility to manage, organize, prioritize and direct all medical data for Health Services physicians and patients and functions as their liaison to all community agencies. This requires a highly skilled use of the nursing process, sensitivity and problem solving skills therefore the Registered Practical Nurse may transition to this position after experience at Health Services has been gained and upon demonstration of the ability to integrate this work experience into practice.

Statistical Data

Nurse visits for counseling and triage exceed 16000 per year. Additional 2000 nurse visits for TB skin testing.

Allergy injections approximately 3200 per year.

Influenza injections approximately 3000per year.

Delegated medical act of dispensing medication  approximately 4500 prescriptions per year.

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions