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Client Support Specialist

Department: Science Computing Effective Date: February 2012


Reports to: Manager, Science Computing

General Accountability

The Client Support Specialist reports to the Manger of Science Computing and is primarily responsible for the provisioning of quality computing services, support and training for academic departments in Science.  The Client Support Specialist will be familiar with and comply with and promote the University’s policies related to information systems and technology. The Specialist must work closely and co-operatively with other members of the Science Computing Office (SCO) to achieve its goal of providing the Faculty of Science with an effective (cost and efficiency) information systems and technology. The Specialist will report to and take direction from the Manager of Science Computing or from such other person as the Associate Dean of Science for Computing may designate.

Nature and Scope

Science Computing provides both general and specialized computing system resources for the Faculty of Science and is responsible for the development and implementation of network and computing systems strategies for the Faculty.  It is involved in the promotion and development of improved information technology based Science education pedagogies.  The department uses a team-based approach to projects and major issue resolution and each incumbent is expected to take a major role where their skills are most appropriate.  Additionally they may be required to assist or coordinate efforts with other campus information technology groups for security situations and larger projects.

Through its testing and development contributions to the Nexus computing network, the SCO contributes to computing services at the faculty level and across the University.

The SCO supports various UNIX and PC operating system, software applications and network delivery environments. Knowledge of programming is required to be able provide support to certain administrative and security functions.

Statistical Data

Science Computing maintains computing infrastructure for the Faculty of Science across 8 buildings and manages one of the largest machine rooms on campus. We maintain and support:

Specific Accountabilities

In addition to the activities above the Client Support Specialist may be required to provide primary support in a number of roles below and is expected to have a working knowledge of all areas.

Working Conditions

The work environment is varied and ranges from offices to climate controlled machine rooms. The individual is asked to lift small computers, but is encouraged to seek assistance whenever possible. Large systems are only moved in a coordinated fashion with several people involved.

Staff may occasionally be required to work beyond normal business hours to resolve emergencies, or test and deploy changes in the production environment. In general, working hours are flexible, as circumstances allow.