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System Administrator

Date: December 6, 2013
Reports to (Job Title):

Department Chair

Department Computing Representative

Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Coop Students (occasional)
Location: Management Sciences,
Main Campus

Current USG 11

35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Systems Administrator provides day to day computing support for Faculty, Staff, Graduate and Undergraduate students in the Department of Management Sciences.  The System Administrator manages 22+ various servers (Linux, FreeBSD and Windows); 100+ workstations; mobile devices as well as developing/maintaining web applications for the department such as the Departments Online Faculty Application System (OFAS); computing inventory tracking using Fasttrack; development and maintenance of Department Databases (OFAS, Filemaker Pro).  This position reports to the Chair of Management Sciences and the Department Computing Representative.  This position may occasionally hire and supervise a Coop student.

Key Accountabilities:


Provide day to day computing support for Faculty, Staff and Students in Management Sciences

  • Resolve hardware/software issues for PC/Mac users.
  • Installation/Maintenance of software for PC/Mac users.
  • Recommendation of purchasing computing/upgrade paths for PC/Mac users.
  • Install/Deploy network/local printers for users.

Deployment/Maintenance of 22+ servers

  • Deploy/maintenance of security patches for Linux servers such as departmental web servers, file servers, DHCP servers and application servers.
  • Deploy/maintenance of security patches Windows 2003/2008 Servers.
  • Deploy/maintenance of security patches for Free BSD file backup server.

Deployment/Maintenance of 100+ workstations and mobile devices

  • Deploy/maintenance of over 100+ workstations under Nexus domain or standalone.
  • Deploy/maintenance MAC OSX.
  • Deploy/maintenance of laptops.
  • Daily inspection/upkeep of all workstations in labs and common areas (CPH 4335, 4333, 3613, CPH 1307C, E2 1303A) to ensure they are in working order.  Provide a daily inspection report to the Department Computing Representative.

Development/Maintenance of various web applications and software:

  • Online Faculty Application System (OFAS) development and maintenance as main developer.  OFAS is used by the department for Faculty recruitment.
  • Fasttrak development and maintenance. Fasttrak is used to internally track computing inventory.
  • Maintain and provide support by a ticketing system.
  • Maintain and provide support for Department Sharepoint Site.
  • Maintain and provide support for Department database (Filemaker Pro).

Provide support for Adobe Connect for Online Teaching environment

  • Provide audio recording and support for MMSc Online courses and on campus courses inside UW Learn environment.

Position Requirements


Bachelor degree in Computer Science or Computing related degree.


Information Technology and Software Development.  Competencies include software development/maintenance/support; troubleshooting computing hardware/software; maintenance of switches/routers; client services; experience with Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate to Advanced Intermediate to Advanced CCNA, A+, MCSE, Software Engineer

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Internally, communicates with all Faculty, Staff and students within the Management Sciences Department to deal with computing issues. Also, communicates with other departments (eg, IST, Engineering Computing) for support within the computing environment.  Externally, communicates with external vendors to recommend the most suitable purchase decisions for all computing related equipment.

Level of Responsibility:

This position is responsible and accountable for the overall computing support of the department.

Decision-Making Authority:

Responsible and accountable for establishing the priorities for computing support within the department.  Addressing the changes to computing infrastructure by consulting with the Department Chair and the Department Computing Representative.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Some lifting and transporting of heavy and/or awkward equipment will be required. Moderate demands.

Working Environment:

Moderate exposure to disagreeable conditions typical of a Systems Administrator position. Working outside of normal hours might be occasionally required to deal with emergencies, maintenance, or upgrades.