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Senior Case Consultant


Conflict Management & Human Rights Office

Effective Date: July/13


Reports to: Director

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Director for providing expertise to the campus community regarding conflict resolution, organizational human rights and ethics in the workplace. This is accomplished through 1) education, 2) expert guidance with respect to conflict and human rights related issues, and 3) ensuring the principles articulated in University Policy 33, 36 and the Human Rights Code are understood and upheld.

The Sr. Case Consultant is accountable for developing and maintaining a strong and constructive working relationship with all constituent groups thereby fostering a supportive and positive environment for the entire University of Waterloo community. This is achieved through the provision of a range of support services, and working cooperatively with all employees and student groups.

Nature and Scope

This position is one of two reporting to the Director; the other is the Education Programming Coordinator. The Director supervises the Coordinator [contract position] who plays a supporting role in the development and delivery of educational initiatives related to both human rights and conflict management.


The Sr. Case Consultant, in consultation with the Director, provides guidance on the management of human rights issues that have the potential to create significant liability for the University. Under current legislation, the Human Rights Tribunal has the mandate to levy significant monetary penalties and widely publish details of cases where employers are found to be in breach of the Human Rights Code.

The Sr. Case Consultant is both assigned, and responds directly to, inquiries from University employees and students, and provides expert guidance and advice ensuring institutional adherence to legislation, policy and principles of fairness [and a strong understanding of same]. The level of guidance and support afforded management is dynamic often requiring that the Sr. Case Consultant, in consultation with, and direction from, the Director, develop new and immediate case management strategies.

Facilitation of internal dispute resolution serves to limit the need to engage in costly external processes [i.e. monetary, relationship, notoriety]


The Conflict Management and Human Rights office provides a broad range of services to line managers (e.g., Department Chairs/Heads), as well as to individual staff, faculty and students. Services range from individual coaching of parties attempting to respond informally to perceived conflict to the provision of full investigation services for line management.  Accordingly, it is essential that the incumbent earn and maintain the trust and respect of academic and academic support personnel.  These relationships are the foundation for the incumbent’s effectiveness in all areas of their work.

Very often, the individuals who approach this office for assistance are in varying stages of emotional conflict which can range from fear to anger to denial.   The Sr. Case Consultant must have the skills to reach these people in order to begin to assist, as well as the emotional savvy and sensitivity to work with the parties who have to respond to / interact with / supervise these individuals. 

The Sr. Case Consultant is primarily responsible for the development and implementation of the Early Intervention Program [EIP]. This program will be established to facilitate and promote the low level response to difficult situations. More specifically, response at a time where likelihood of negative outcomes [i.e. disrespect, poor relations, distrust] are minimized, and positive relations are maintained or even strengthened. This program is intended to have a broad positive impact on how the University envisions approaches to, and support of, conflict and other difficulties in the workplace and classroom [i.e. challenges related to diversity, performance problems etc].

Responsibilities related to the EIP will require that the incumbent establish strong relations with on-campus partners as the model encourages collaborative approaches to difficult situations.

The incumbent is also responsible for provision of services for resolving conflict and relationship difficulties. With an emphasis on early and informal response, office personnel respond to initial inquiries by providing information on resolution and response options, alternative resources, policies and guidelines, and CMAHRO services. Based on an assessment of client needs, office personnel will provide services which may include intervention or broader inquiry. 

Service provision, which can range from one-on-one guidance to broad and active intervention, is dependent on the incumbent’s ability to analyse, assess and balance client needs and University interests.

The Sr. Case Consultant supports the Director in providing services campus-wide, and with respect to human rights complaints, on a client driven basis.


The Sr. Case Consultant will play an extensive role in the development, implementation and delivery of educational programming related to the EIP to University managers. In addition, the Sr. Case Consultant will participate in the delivery of educational programming related to conflict resolution and requisite skill development. These programs range from the distribution of written materials to workshops lasting several days and include Communication Skills, Understanding Conflict, Team Building, Coaching Conflict Resolution and Managing Difficult Conversations.

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