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Information Support Co-ordinator

Department: Engineering Undergraduate Office Effective Date: September 2012

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Associate Dean Undergrad Studies and Admnistrative Manager

General Accountability

The Information Support Co-ordinator (ISC) is accountable to the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies for technical functions including: design and maintenance of the departmental web and SharePoint sites; the processing of student enrolment functions such as course override forms; updating of the undergraduate calendar to reflect approved changes to curriculum, courses, new programs and options, advisement templates, as well as the faculty listing updates;  back-up for the processing, management and record-keeping of student discipline cases as well as assisting with the case load when necessary; special projects, reports and technical support. The ISC provides guidance and problem-solving support to the Engineering Undergraduate Office (EUGO).

Nature and Scope

The office is comprised of the Associate Dean of Engineering, U/G Studies, the Associate Dean of Co-op Education and Professional Affairs, three directors (Admissions, First Year, and Exchange), three associate directors (one for Admissions and two for First Year), three Instructional Support Tutors and nine support staff. In addition, the Engineering U/G Office provides counselling (personal, academic) on a full-time basis with the assistance of three professional counsellors.

Significant Internal/External Contacts:



This position requires independent judgement in areas of time-management, task prioritization and problem solving. The role has a mix of specialized projects, as well as routine responsibilities. The incumbent processes/manages the following:


Web Development and Management

 The Information Support Co-ordinator is the first-level technical resource person for all web sites in the EUGO. This position has key responsibilities involving writing/editing accessible content for the web.


Technical Functions/Advising and Information Support

The Information Support Co-ordinator assists the staff within the Engineering Undergraduate Office in an advisory capacity where needed. In-depth knowledge of various software used by the office is crucial, as well as the ability and willingness to learn new applications when necessary.


Committee Involvement

The Information Support Co-ordinator has regular interaction with different clientele and is responsible for managing several major tasks for all programs in the Faculty. A proven ability to manage a large volume of work with accuracy, conflicting priorities and deadlines is required. Close scrutiny of details is vital to this position and to activities such as the following:

i)  Course Override Activity


ii)  Undergraduate Calendar Duties

The Information Support Co-ordinator is responsible for all aspects of the engineering section of the calendar except for the academic approval. This includes the specific duties listed below.


iii)  Academic Advisement Templates



Student Discipline Cases

The four main activities required for student discipline cases are:

The student discipline letter processing is handled by the Academic Integrity Co-ordinator. The Information Support Co-ordinator provides assistance and advice on individual cases as required. The Information Support Co-ordinator acts as the back-up for these cases during times of staff absence and heavy case-load.

Statistical Data

This position is responsible for the following:

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions

Much of the time is spent in a comfortable office environment with frequent opportunities to interact with co-workers when required. The work is varied but much of the time is spent at the computer entering data, updating spreadsheets/files/templates, preparing letters and performing web site development. There are periods of heavy volume and short deadlines each term (i.e. entering course override forms, analyzing calendar submissions) while at the same time there is a demand for thoroughness and accuracy. There is regular interaction with advisors in engineering departments giving direction related to course override activity, undergraduate calendar and academic advisement template updates. This position interacts directly with the Associate Dean and Administrative Manager.