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University Club Office Assistant

Department: UW Food Services Effective Date: June, 2008


35 hr/wk

Reports to: University Club Manager

General Accountability

Reporting to the University Club Manager, this position is the primary contact person for University Club, both on the phone and email. The incumbent will answer questions, requests and bookings.  He/she will refer more detailed inquiries to other staff members where necessary.

Nature and Scope

Reporting to the University Club Manager are the Unit Chef, Assistant Chef, Office Assistant, Hostess, wait/kitchen staffs and bartenders.


The Office Assistant is the primary contact for the department and it is vital that the incumbent work with a high degree of professionalism and courtesy when dealing with all visitors to the University Club.


The incumbent will provide a great deal of maturity judgement, patience and confidentiality.

Statistical Data

UW Food Services operates 19 outlets across campus and co-ordinates all administrative tasks through a centralized office. The department’s budget is estimated at $15,000,000. The two major expenses are food cost, $6,000,000 and wage benefits cost $7,000,000.


UW Food Services employs 98 full-time hourly staff, 35 full-time salaried staff and approximately 350 part-time hourly paid and full-time temporary staff.


The value of key performance indicators for the University Club are estimated to be:


                              Sales volume $630,000

                              10 Wait staff

                              300 University Club members

Specific Accountabilities

Ensuring cash flow and menu ready for daily operations


Acting as liaison between clients and Club Manager


Prepare and mail “monthly statements” to club members and University’s departments.


Ordering and monitoring office supplies


Reconciling client accounts


Daily bank deposit and verify the accuracy of the general ledger transactions


Performs other duties assigned


Working as a bartender on a daily basis

Working Conditions