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Faculty Undergraduate Coordinator


Dean's Office-Faculty of Envronmental Studies

Effective Date: September 28, 2012


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Associate Dean, Undergradute Studies, Faculty of Environment

General Accountability

The primary purpose for this position is to coordinate and ensure the successful delivery of the undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Environment.  The expected results include: the development and implementation of Faculty and University Policies and procedures related to undergraduate studies; the development and implementation of advising and student support programs in conjunction with the Departments/Schools.  This position reflects a significant growth in responsibilities associated with the Faculty’s current Undergraduate Administrator position.

Nature and Scope

The position covers a broad spectrum of responsibilities that range from the management and implementation of academic procedures to substantial interactions with undergraduate students and the undergraduate advising team in the Faculty.  These require an in-depth knowledge of the Faculty’s and University’s policies and regulations as they pertain to undergraduate studies. 


The incumbent is the communication portal between the faculty’s undergraduate administrators and the rest of the university, requiring excellent interpersonal and communication skills.  As the Faculty administrative support to the Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies, the incumbent is expected to take a leadership role in a wide range of activities related to the development and implementation of new policies and adherence to existing policies as they pertain to undergraduate studies, student success and engagement. 


Administrative support staff in the academic departments/school looks to the incumbent for direction concerning policy and procedures. This involves protocol for revising current academic plans and courses, and initiatives such as: developing web-based communication, stream-lining procedures, and ensuring the departmental/school administrators are well informed regarding new electronic-based approaches to administrative functions.  The Undergraduate Coordinator is the pivotal position for all undergraduate activity, responsible for a complex range of functions that are necessary for the proper academic support for the undergraduate student.


The Faculty Undergraduate Coordinator leads the undergraduate support team.  The incumbent is known to be the key contact for student advising, developing and implementing creative solutions that achieve the balance of student well-being and academic rigor.


The incumbent approves independently petitions involving standard changes to academic plans.  The incumbent meets with students experiencing academic challenges and independently makes recommendations on student progression.  The incumbent makes recommendations to Department / School undergraduate officers on appropriate academic plans for students.  The incumbent also evaluates students’ transcripts to ensure the achievement of Faculty-level options.  The incumbent vets applications for international exchanges.


In partnership with the Associate Dean Undergraduate studies, the incumbent leads the Faculty’s Examinations and Standings Committee that evaluates complex student petitions.  The incumbent organizes all matters related to student discipline and contributes to the decisions surrounding the application of university policy.


The incumbent has a very strong working knowledge of all Faculty and University Policy that allows him / her to make many decisions regarding possible academic paths for students.  The incumbent works in partnership with the Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies, Undergraduate Officers and individual faculty in matters related to academic content. 


The incumbent has impeccable judgment and understands student confidentiality and the privacy rules that govern these cases.  The incumbent may assist in the resolution of highly-sensitive matters brought to the attention of the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies.


The incumbent has exception attention to detail.


The working environment is predominantly office-based with rare office-campus meetings.

Statistical Data

The Faculty of Environment has five distinctive units: the Department of Geography, the School of Planning, the Department of Environment and Resource Studies, School of Environment, Enterprise and Development, and Knowledge Integration. 


The Faculty, as of Fall 2012, is the home to nine academic plans representing two degrees: Bachelor of Environmental Studies and Bachelor of Knowledge Integration.  The Faculty currently has 71 Faculty and 50 staff members.  There are currently in excess of 2200 undergrads. The incumbent is required to maintain a close working relationship with six undergraduate advisors, as well as six undergraduate officers.  S/he is the liaison between the Faculty of Environment and the Registrar’s Office, SISP, Secretariat’s Office, and the Student Success Office where undergraduate issues are concerned.

Specific Accountabilities

University Committee Administration:

Registrar’s Office initiatives, i.e., SA Catalog, Academic Advisement, Academic Calendar Maintenance System (ACMS), Student Success, etc.


Faculty Committee Administration:


Faculty Undergraduate Administration:


 Student Advising and engagement:



Dean’s Office Operation:

Working Conditions