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Operations Assistant

Department: Food Services Effective Date: March 2004
Grade: USG 5-6 Reports to: Assistant Director

General Accountability

The incumbent will act as a resource person to assist the management team in ensuring that operating units are being maintained to department standards through established Government regulations, University and departmental policy and procedures.

Nature and Scope

This position reports to the Assistant Director. Also reporting to the Assistant Director are the Senior Chef and Information Systems Supervisor.

The incumbent will act as a support person assisting the management team to maintain efficiency in the operating units with respect to safety procedures, maintenance schedules , marketing initiatives, and  special projects as required.

The incumbent will work in all areas of the department in multiple locations which may include the central office or operating units.  The work schedules will be extremely flexible with varied hours depending on the assignment with no regular work location or work schedule.

Statistical Data

The Department currently operates 17 outlets across campus and co-ordinates all administrative tasks through a centralized office. The Departments budget is estimated at $14,000,000.  The two major expenses are food cost, $3,500,000 and wage and benefits cost, $4,500,000.  UW Food Services employs 70 full-time hourly paid staff, 25 full-time salaried staff and approximately 250 part-time hourly paid and full-time temporary staff.

The incumbent will monitor and co-ordinate a maintenance budget of $100,000, vehicle maintenance budget of $20,000, and $50,000 for Health & Safety training initiatives.

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions