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Manager, Information and Systems

Department: UW Food Services Effective Date: February, 2012


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Director, UW Food Services

General Accountability

Reporting to the Director, the Manager, Information and Systems is a member of the UW Food Services (UWFS) leadership team and a key member of our operational team. S/he is accountable for the provision of technical infrastructure and services for all areas of UWFS.  The incumbent will also oversee the processes of our internal accounts payable and accounts receivable. S/he ensures that on campus staff are well and cost effectively supported with respect to systems, tools, and infrastructure. An emerging focus is the use of tools and systems to enable collaboration and improved communication among multiple stakeholders in UWFS. The incumbent ensures that technical support for all units and staff engaged in the core food services process is carried out effectively and efficiently in a service-focused environment.  Key position reporting to the Manager, Information and Systems is the Financial Co-coordinator, who in turn oversees the positions of Data Entry Assistant and a co-op student(s).


During the absence of other departmental administrative or supervisory staff, the incumbent may assume other duties as required.

Nature and Scope

The incumbent is an active member of the leadership team, and works closely with managers/supervisors and administrative support staff to implement effective operating strategies that maintain a clear flow of information throughout the department.


The incumbent is accountable for the identification, acquisition, testing, implementation, maintenance and support of appropriate technology for the full department, including support for the core accounting system (currently QS2), desktop hardware and software, audio visual, digital messaging boards, kiosks, printing, paging and other shared equipment for use in UWFS, mobile and handheld devices, online collaboration tools, and the functionality of the UWFS web spaces, internal to the department and external. 


The incumbent serves as a subject matter expert in IT projects and may help coordinate the analysis of business processes for UWFS. This includes understanding developing technology trends and issues and incorporating it into business and technology planning.  The integrity, reliability, security and appropriateness of the technology are critical to the success of UWFS.  The systems must be user friendly, cost-effective and timely for campus units and staff.  Examples of this includes implementation of digital menu software, handheld or phone application, touch screen ordering or kiosks, on-line ordering, point of sale and transaction improvements and any other systems or innovative business and technology practices.



The incumbent provides leadership and coaching to full time staff of 2 plus coop student(s) to develop plans to support the following areas of accountability:


Other direct supporting functions include collaboration with the Marketing and Events Co-ordinator for the following initiatives:


To support these functions the Manager, Information and Systems needs to know a wide variety of hardware and software tools, system development processes, administration and business processes, new technologies and change control processes.

Statistical Data

The departments’ vision is to cultivate, nurture and promote excellence of food services for all members of the University community through quality, growth and innovation.  UW Food Services is an ancillary operation which must maintain its’ fiscal viability by remaining competitive, offering the appropriate products and services at the right price, effectively controlling costs, keeping accurate records, and develop strategies that will make for a more effective and efficient operating department.


UW Food Services operates 21 outlets across campus and co-ordinates all administrative tasks through a centralized office.


The department has 46 PC’s, 8 digital messaging boards,  1 servers, 3 laptops as well as some specialized printing equipment.  The department operates specialized inventory management software, purchasing, monthly inventories and product databases for all the Food Service Units and generates its own reports for UWFS units across campus. 


The Departments budget is estimated at $19,400,000. 


The two major expenses are food cost, $6,700,000 and wage and benefits cost, $8,200,000. 


UW Food Services employs 103 full-time hourly paid staff, 38 full-time salaried staff and approximately 300+ part-time hourly paid and full-time temporary staff.


The Administrative office maintains a vendor product database of 5,600+ items and enters food purchases for a total annually of $6,700,000.

Specific Accountabilities




Relationship and Partnership



Management of UWFS Technologies and Systems


Working Conditions