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Business Manager

Department: Engineering Society Effective Date: February 1, 2009


35 hr/wk

Reports to: President

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the on stream society President for the general management of the engineering society including administration, financial management and staff liaison.  This position is fundamental to maintain financial and service-related credibility and continuity for the society from term to term.  As such this position involves providing guidance to the executive on issues surrounding the society’s goals and expectations.  This position also involves providing guidance to the executive regarding strategic review and planning of the organisation.

Nature and Scope

The UW Engineering Society is the largest of its kind in Canada. It operates as the representative body on behalf of approximately 5000 students, with an executive team elected every 16 months and approximately 50 event/service directors selected each academic term. The engineering society’s mandate is to enrich the lives of the undergraduate engineering students outside of their academic commitments, as well as to provide student input to the academic direction of the faculty and university where appropriate. The employment structure of the engineering society may be visualized as follows:

Dean of Engineering

On-stream society President

Business Manager

                                                                      C&D Assistant Manager

Office staff                                                          C & D staff

The Engineering Society consists of elected and appointed positions, full- and part- time staff, and a large number of student volunteers.  In total, the society employs approximately 25 part- time staff and one full time assistant who work under the supervision of the business manager. The engineering society operates with a portfolio of volunteer positions in addition to the paid staff –the directors and elected executive. The business manager typically operates in a support role for volunteers who are less familiar with operations of the university, and acts as their staff liaison where they maintain a working relationship with the organization at hand. The business manager also plays a powerful role in executive transitions.

         Reporting directly to this position are the following:

The business manager also works in a support/guidance role with the following undergraduate engineering groups:


Statistical Data

The Business Manager oversees control of the administration and supervision of the accounting and financial record keeping of all the above accounts except WEEF, as well as the continual monitoring of cash flow. The business manager manages tracking of allocation expenditures for WEEF.

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Act as financial manager for all Engineering Society accounts (Refer to statistical data). This includes maintaining financial records, monitoring and reporting mechanisms, and banking relationships, and overseeing day-to-day financial tracking operations. Budgeting and financial planning is a coordinated effort between the business manager and the Engineering Society executive
  2. Act as staff supervisor for all full and part-time employees of the engineering society. This includes recruitment, hiring, training, evaluation, and discipline. Currently this includes one full-time and approximately 25 part-time staff.
  3. Acting as advisor for the Engineering Society executive for major financial and operational decisions.
  4. Maintaining business relationships both within and external to the University (Refer to Significant internal and external relationships)
  5. Acting as general supervisor for the engineering society coffee and doughnut shop. In addition to personnel and finance management roles, this includes ensuring adherence to food and safety regulations, overseeing day-to-day stock management, and overseeing general day-to-day operations.

Working Conditions