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Parking Operations Supervisor



Effective Date: May, 2008


40 hr/wk

Reports to: Manager, Parking Services

General Accountability

This position is responsible to the Manager, Parking Services,  to carry out supervision of routine foot patrol of University properties ensuring they take appropriate enforcement action (ticket/towing) with respect to those vehicles in contravention of the UW Parking and Traffic Regulations.

This position is also responsible for performance outcomes of all Parking Control Officers including training and Supervision of two full time PCO’s, two full time Kiosk staff, co-op/work placement students and part time students.  Any disciplinary action needed is discussed and handled with the Manager of Parking Services present.  Another function of this position is to develop and supervise the campus shuttle programs both on campus and off.  This position is also responsible for the delivery of optimal customer service to all areas of the campus community.  This position is also responsible for receiving and disseminating all correspondence for special events and to ensure delivery of service to special event customers.   Special Events planning assists the client in the preparation, implementation, execution and evaluation of their special event.  It is the goal of the Parking Operations Supervisor to assist clients in planning safe and successful events that create a minimal impact on the campus community while ensuring successful delivery of their event.  This position requires someone that has strong negotiation skills, the ability to problem solve under pressure in a deadline-oriented team environment.  Excellent communication skills and knowledge of the customer base are required to liaise with event co-ordinators and campus/community partners to ensure the reputation of the University is maintained.    Money collection from all coin lots including pay and display units is the responsibility of this position either personally or by delegation to another PCO.  Inventory of all ticket writer equipment and uniform equipment is maintained by the Parking Operations Supervisor.

Nature and Scope

Parking Services consists of the Manager, 3 front office staff, 2 Kiosk staff, 1 kiosk relief  attendant, 2 technicians and 3 full time parking enforcement staff.  Parking Services also hires 5-6 Co-op student placements each term as well as 4 part time enforcement staff who work approximately 15-20 hours per week.


  The Parking Operations Supervisor provides the daily work assignments and duty rosters of all Parking Control Officers. Calls from officers during the day requiring clarification of policy/procedure are handled by the Parking Operations Supervisor.   This position also ensures completion of all money collection from coin lots and pay and display machines as well as deposits and change requests to and from the Bank or Kiosks.  Training material is developed, maintained and delivered by this position.  Inventory of all uniform requirements and ticket writer requirements is maintained by the incumbent and forwarded to the Manager for approval.

Statistical Data

The University of Waterloo is situated on approximately 1000 acres of property with some 6500 surface parking spaces in both open and gated parking lots.  There are two lots that are controlled by attendants during business hours and meter parking available in several locations on campus.  The University enrolment is approximately 24,500  full time undergraduate students, 3,000 full time graduate students and 3,100 faculty and staff.  Parking Services issues more than 22,000 parking citations in a year and donates over $175,000. in fine revenue to a UW Scholarship/Bursary each year.

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions