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Undergraduate Advisor and Program Administrator

Department: Chemical Enginnering Effective Date:

July 28, 2008



35 hr/wk

Reports to: Administrative Assistant

General Accountability

The position of Undergraduate Advisor and Program Administrator for Chemical Engineering is accountable to the Administrative Officer and the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies in Chemical Engineering.  Under the academic direction of the Associate Chair, the incumbent serves as Undergraduate Officer for the undergraduate students in the Chemical Engineering program and is responsible for the interpretation and advisement of University and Faculty academic policies and procedures as they relate to current students.  The incumbent is responsible for academic counselling and development/implementation of academic services for the undergraduate program as well as the scheduling of the Chemical Engineering undergraduate timetable.  This position requires a high degree of knowledge of academic progression rules and graduation requirements for the Chemical Engineering program, as well as an understanding of the co-op system.  The incumbent also serves as a member of the Engineering Communications Committee, the Accreditation Committee and develops/maintains the department web site.

Nature and Scope

Coordinate and advise on all aspects of the administration of the Undergraduate Program in the Department of Chemical Engineering.  Expected to be familiar with policies and procedures pertaining to the Undergraduate Program in order to act as resource person to the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, faculty, staff and students.  Position also responsible for updating Chemical Engineering departmental website.

The incumbent liaises regularly with the Registrar’s Office, the Scheduling Office, the Faculty of Engineering Undergraduate Office, Dean’s Office, Counselling Services, Office of Persons with Disabilities, Bookstore and Co-op in addition to many other academic departments.

Statistical Data

Number of Undergraduate Students:


Number of Faculty:


Number of Staff:


Number of Graduate Students:


Please note that there is an expected growth in faculty, staff and undergraduate student population due to our satellite program in Abu Dhabi of an additional 11 faculty, 2 staff and 200 students.  The undergraduate program in Abu Dhabi will start in September 2009.

Specific Accountabilities

Student Advising


Administrative Support



Back-up Duties to the Administrative Officer

Working Conditions