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Administrative/Resource Assistant 

Department: Co-operative Education & Career Action Effective Date: April, 2010


17.5 hr/wk

Reports to: Career Services Supervisor

General Accountability

The incumbent is responsible for a variety of administrative activities such as budget transactions, maintaining accounts payables and receivables, verifying the accuracy of Career Services’ monthly financial statement and records, ordering new resources/materials selected by a Career Advisor and maintaining subscriptions. This is a 50% workload position, 2 ½ days per week.

Nature and Scope

Career Services (9 FTE) is one unit of the Department of Co-operative Education & Career Action (approximately 100 staff). 


Of the Career Action staff, 1.5 FTE staff, including the Assistant Career Advisor, report to the Career Services Supervisor. The other reporting staff member is the Career Service Assistant.


Career Services staff offer and promote career development programs for the entire student population (i.e., full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students in co-op and regular plans) and alumni.

Statistical Data

Co-operative Education & Career Action(CECA), on behalf of the University of Waterloo, administers the world’s largest post-secondary co-operative education program, with over 11,300 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled across three terms annually in more than 100 co-op areas of study. Approximately 100 staff with various integral roles, function as a liaison to forge partnerships among students, employers, and the faculties and departments at the University to facilitate employment possibilities. 42 of the 100 CECA staff are field co-ordinators who develop co-op jobs from their off-campus offices in various locations across Canada, including the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Each term, CECA arranges for nearly 3,500 organizations to conduct approximately 15,000 interviews of co-op students during specified interview periods on campus each term. Co-op students work mainly in Canada, although in any given year, around 800 have work terms in approximately 40 countries outside of Canada.


In addition to the 11,000+ co-op students enrolled in co-operative education, there is a remaining student population of 7000 full-time undergraduates, 3000+ part-time students and 2000+ graduate students, all of whom are potential customers for the educational programs and jobs developed by Career Services staff. Alumni also take advantage of services offered through Career Action; a number of which have been developed specifically to meet their needs.

Specific Accountabilities

Budget/financial transactions


Acquire new materials/maintain collection




Act as a resource person


Promote Career Services

Perform other duties as assigned

Working Conditions