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Scientific Glass Blower

Department: Chemical Engineering/ Chemistry Effective Date: Jan 2006
Grade: USG 8 Reports to: Chair, Chemical Engineering

General Accountability

Under the general direction of the Chemical Engineering Chair, the incumbent provides a facility for the production of specialized scientific glassware and apparatus primarily in support of the Chemical Engineering/Chemistry Departments.  A similar service is provided to other departments and outside agencies as required.

Nature and Scope

The glassblower provides a service to the Chemical Engineering/Chemistry Departments by manufacturing specialized items of glassware and apparatus vital to the conduct of teaching and research.  The glassblower consults with clients regarding the specific design and construction of items and acts as a resource person relative to the suitability of design and material proposals.

Estimates of costs are based on a Fixed Rate basis, the billing of which is handled by the department stores bookkeeper.  Services are also provided to other manufacturing departments.  He is responsible for the operation and maintenance of shop equipment and recommends purchase of new items as required.  A supply stock of glassware is also maintained and he is responsible for the procurement of additional stock via material requests through chemistry stores.  A small technical and catalogue library is also maintained by the incumbent.

In addition the incumbent is available for repair and modification to existing equipment necessitating work in laboratories and research areas.  The incumbent is involved in what could be classed as public relations work in that he is available for seminars, demonstrations, teaching etc. and is therefore in contact with all levels of university administration and faculty.

Statistical Data

Graduate Students – Dept. of Chemical Engineering: 115; Dept. of Chemistry:  110
Faculty:  Chemical Engineering:  30; Chemistry: 32

Postdoctoral Fellows:  Chemical Engineering:  25; Chemistry:  54
Equipment Value:  responsible for approximately $100,000 facility

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Design and constructs specialized items of glassware and apparatus for research and teaching.
  2. Act as a resource person for the university faculty, students and staff in the utilization, design and construction of glassware items.
  3. Responsible for the procurement, use and maintenance of shop equipment.
  4. Prepares all glassware orders and maintains an adequate store of support stock.
  5. Maintains a small technical and catalogue library.  Records and submits time reports for billing charges.
  6. Provides training and supervises graduate students on glass equipment, glass saw and belt sander, drill press and lapping machine.
  7. Provides back up for shipping and receiving duties if required.

Working Conditions

Working conditions are located in a fair sized shop inside.  Time is spent sitting to complete bench work or standing for the majority of the day for lathe work or machinery use dependent on orders received.  There are deadline pressures to expedite turn around of orders as well as emergency orders.