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Accounting Assistant – USG6


Federation of Students

Effective Date: February 2013
Grade: USG 6 Reports to: Accounting Manager

General Accountability

This position counts and reconciles deposits.  Reviews invoices and expense claims for the appropriateness of the expense, receipts and accounts.  Process and prints the cheques related the aforementioned invoices and expenses.  Reviews, enters and reconciles payroll.


Nature and Scope

             Interpersonal Skills: 

Ability to work independently and within a team environment.  Excellent communication skills for interaction with department managers, co-workers, uw departments and suppliers.  This position is responsible for informing, educating all users of the AP department of its procedures and processes.  This position also interacts regularly with students and part-time staff regarding payroll issues.


              Level of Responsibility: 

This position has both routine and specialized work with minimal supervision and provides some guidance to others.  This position provides a co-worker support and aids in the training of new staff as to accounting procedures for their area.


              Decision Making Authority: 

 Amount variances, improper tax treatments, inappropriate documentation, improper account classification, deposit discrepancies, payroll discrepancies.  The job is required to recommend appropriate resolutions to the above issues.  If the individual is unable to find a resolution with the other party it is then refer to the manager or if the problem is significant in nature.   



              Physical and Sensory Demands:

This position has on-going, daily distractions by students and staff. The attention to detail required is high and very important to the successful completion of most of the job responsibilities.  There is minimal lifting or carrying expected in the day to day function of the position.


              Working Environment:  Dynamic student environment, constant training and mentoring required.  Office based role with little to no travel required.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Accounts payable - This position is responsible for reviewing invoices (approximately 100 per week) and expense claims (approximately 70 per week) for the appropriateness of the expense, receipts and accounts and processing the payments related to the invoices and expenses.  Unlike a traditional accounts payable position, our expense claims are not repetitive in nature and require a broader understanding of allowable business expenses, accounting and tax issues, and an ability to apply professional judgement.  Many expense claims (25-30%) also require additional attention to resolve issues before payment can be issued. Therefore, the individual must be able to identify and resolve these issues, such as variances, tax, appropriate documentation, and account classification.  This position is also required to reconcile vendor statements and help to clear and outstanding issues.


Deposits - On a daily basis this position is required to accept, count and reconcile deposits from all areas of the organization.  We have several commercial services that each uses a different POS system; it is the responsibility of the individual to count the monies and reconcile the amounts received against the appropriate POS system.  If there is a discrepancy they are to bring it to the attention of their supervisor and the manager of that specific area. They may also be required to help the accounting and department managers find the source of the discrepancy.


Payroll - On a bi-weekly basis this position gathers, reviews, enters and reconciles the entire casual earnings payroll for the organization (approximately 200 people).  The position is required to ensure we are complying with the ministry of labour’s employment standards act and therefore should have some basic knowledge of the act. This position is also required to resolve any employment concerns with regards to payroll that the department manager is unable to answer. This position also liaisons with UW payroll team to help resolve any payroll issues that may arise.


Assistant to the Accounting Manager - Will act as an assistant for Accounting Manager.  This includes learning many of the duties the accounting manager performs so that they can help out with their work load as necessary.  These duties may include but are not limited to: reconciliations of the operating accounts balance sheet accounts, reconciliation of fund accounts, inventory reconciliations, and discussions regarding appropriateness of expenses, taxes, policies, policy implementation, government regulations and GAAP changes.  May also be asked to answer questions from other employees in the accounting department as to the proper handling of expenses and revenues as well as accounts and calculating amounts for journal entries



Other Duties



Position Requirements

Education:  Bachelor or Commerce or business degree.  Currently pursuing an accounting designation and currently at the PACE level of the CGA program or final stage of the CMA program.


Experience:  2-3 years accounts payable experience.  Must have either cash handling and/or payroll experience with the other as a major asset.         


Technical:  intermediate user for Microsoft excel and outlook, basic user for Microsoft word, experience using accounting software (Accpac a major asset). 

Strong attention to detail, analytical thinker, ability to meet deadlines, committed to operational excellence, team player, strong problem solving skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills



Working Conditions