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Environmental Engineering Technologist

Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering Effective Date: July 21, 2008

USG 7/8

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Civil and Envronmental Chair

General Accountability

The Environmental Engineering Technologist is under the supervision of the Senior Environmental Engineering Technologist and the Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The technologist is expected to carry out tasks and assignments

Nature and Scope

To carry out the following responsibilities under the direction of the Senior Environmental Engineering Technologist.

Technical Responsibilities:

Instructional and General Responsibilities: 


Research Responsibilities:



Statistical Data

Number of full time undergraduate students instructed

235-250 p.a.

Number of undergraduate courses


Number of full time graduate students supported


Number of faculty researchers supported


Number of other full time technical staff


Number of laboratories managed


Laboratory Area

1100 sq. metres (11,000 sq. ft.)

Operating Cost/Budget under direct control


Capital Equipment maintained

$3-4 Million

Specific Accountabilities

The Environmental Engineering Technologist will pursue current innovative methods to satisfy present and future needs of the laboratory environment.  The technologist will maintain familiarity with new developments in environmental technologies.  The technologist is expected to keep current through some form of continuing education while on the job.  This will ensure that the university laboratory environment remains current and it is at par with or exceeds comparable industry settings.

The technologist will function as an active resource for all students.  The technologist will provide information, instruction and hardware.  The technologist will provide advice and support for student objectives.  This will ensure the students receive complete uncompromised service.

The technologist will participate in planning, prioritizing and executing research tasks; the technologist provides technical expertise and experience to the researcher to accomplish his/her research tasks.

Working Conditions

The job involves working in both indoor and outdoor environments.  The work within the laboratory setting involves reading, writing, and working at computer workstations.  Some tasks may be physically challenging requiring reasonable strength and endurance; use of hand tools and power tools, lifting of heavy materials, extended non-regular work hours. The outdoor work involves exposure to the outdoor elements year round; walking, crawling, and wading in possibly insect infested environments. The workplace environment may sometimes be off site at a remote research location where standards and practices may be undefined.  The technologist must use best judgement in establishing safe responsible working practices for all of the participants at external workplace environments.  There is some occasional use of a personal or UW vehicle.