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Department: PHYSICS Effective Date: January 12, 2003
Grade: USG 10 Reports to: Chair

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Department Chair for all aspects of the job, including the supervision of department technicians, laboratory demonstrators, and teaching assistants; and administration and presentation of the undergraduate labs. The position requires a large measure of independence to be exercised by the instructor to effectively carry out the assigned tasks.

Nature and Scope

The position is directly involved with all aspects of the laboratory instruction of undergraduate students as well as the assignment of all department teaching assistants.  This will involve lab demonstration, supervision of demonstrators, supervision of technicians, supervision of teaching assistants, marking, proctoring and tutoring.  In addition, development and documentation of new and old labs forms an integral part of this position.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Responsible for the day to day implementation of the undergraduate laboratory programmes.
  2. Responsible for the day to day supervision of department technicians.
  3. Responsible for teaching assistant assignments.
  4. Other duties of an academic, supervisory, or technical nature, subject to the approval of the Department Chair, may be performed by the incumbent as the departmental need arises, and time and competence permit.


  1. Responsible for the scheduling and organization of specified teaching laboratories.
  2. Responsible for the assignment of teaching tasks to all the demonstrators.
  3. Responsible for the direct supervision of all demonstrators.
  4. Directly involved with teaching of students in all undergraduate years which will encompass laboratory supervision, laboratory teaching, academic tutoring and teaching, serving as a resource person for both the laboratory and related academic course, the marking of laboratory and related academic tests and examinations as well as proctoring these events.
  5. Responsible for, in agreement with faculty members concerned, the operations of experiments at the undergraduate level and methods of assessing student performance.
  6. Responsible for, in co-operation with Physics faculty, developing new experiments and the revision of old experiments where necessary.
  7. Responsible for, in co-operation with appropriate faculty members, the content, development, and production of laboratory manuals required by the department for undergraduate student use.  Both web and paper based documents are to be developed.
  8. Responsible for the content, development and administration of laboratory tests and examinations as required by the department in co-operation with appropriate faculty members.
  9. Responsible for the administration and development of safe laboratory procedures within the undergraduate laboratory setting.
  10. Responsible for assigning graduate students (and sometimes faculty) to such duties as mentioned in (4), informing the graduate students of their duties and responsibilities within the laboratory setting, giving supervision and assistance when needed and evaluating graduate student performance in the lab.
  11. Responsible for the assignment of all graduate student teaching assistants within the Department of Physics.
  12. Responsible for the collection of student laboratory grades at the end of each semester and to determine a final grade for each student in a laboratory course for which he is responsible.
  13. Responsible for checking and storing of laboratory equipment, setting up equipment for an experiment and removal after.  Maintain the stock equipment for the course through repair and upkeep and add to it as necessary.  Maintain an up-to-date inventory of the equipment normally placed, stored, and used in the assigned laboratories.
  14. Responsible for the care and maintenance of the physical facilities within the lab, including permanent fixed equipment, and scientific and teaching equipment and apparatus.
  15. Responsible directly for the interviewing and selection of part-time personnel whose duties fall under the category of demonstrator.

Working Conditions