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Binocular Vision and Electrodiagnostic Clinic Secretary

Department: Optometry Effective Date: February 2003
Grade: USG 3 Reports to:

General Accountability

The Binocular Vision and Electrodiagnostic Secretary reports to the Clinic Administrator and is responsible for matters pertaining to reception, patient appointments and secretarial/clerical support in both specialty clinic areas. 

Nature and Scope

The Clinic of the School of Optometry provides a clinical facility for the education of Optometry undergraduates and graduates at the University of Waterloo.  In addition, it provides a comprehensive optometric service to the general public through in-house patient care and to special populations in the immediate region, in the province of Ontario, across Canada and in the Third World.

All staff working within the clinic must be sensitive to the needs of both students and patients.  One hundred and twenty third and fourth year students are rotated through the various areas of the Clinic each academic year; they rely on the staff for assistance and direction.  Approximately 20,000 patients are seen in the Clinic annually.  While it is the responsibility of the professional faculty and students to meet the optometric needs of each patient, the onus is on the individual staff member to provide assistance and support so as to ensure that the Clinic functions smoothly at all times.

In May 1997, the Eye Care Centre incorporated the Computer Information System by P & P Data into the daily operation. It became necessary for all clinic staff to be trained on this sophisticated appointment/billing system and patient database.  With the automation of the clinic operation, all staff must have strong computing skills and be adaptable to numerous changes.

In April 1998 the Government of Ontario made dramatic changes to the OHIP billing process with regard to insured eye care services.  Due to the complicated nature of the new regulations, triaging of patients and strong problem solving skills are now a vital component of the appointment booking process.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Assist patients on the telephone and in person with all BV and EDC inquiries in a considerate and helpful manner.
  2. Prepare and maintain the Binocular Vision and Electrodiagnostic Clinics appointment books using the Computer Information System.
  3. Responsible for ensuring all Binocular Vision patient recalls are kept up to date and dealt with in a timely manner to maintain the necessary patient follow-up care.
  4. Verify as necessary, the eligibility of OHIP coverage for patients scheduled for an appointment using the IVR system.
  5. Prepare and process files which includes completing all OHIP billing, scheduling of interns.
  6. Ensure all files are returned to the system in a timely manner.
  7. Maintain and control BV and EDC supplies for students and patients.
  8. Monitor the status of the equipment that is on-loan to BV patients.
  9. Perform typing pertaining to the Binocular Vision Clinic and EDC and provide secretarial support for both Clinic Heads.
  10. Request information from external sources to assist in the decision making for EDC.
  11. Prepare and distribute both student and clinician evaluation forms as well as student orientation packages.
  12. Mail all VEP/ERG reports to referring doctor as well as others whom the patient requests copies sent to.
  13. Assist and direct students working in the clinic in an appropriate and helpful manner.
  14. Accurately maintain student and clinician attendance records as well as all appointment statistics.
  15. Other duties that may be assigned from time to time by the Clinic Administrator.

Working Conditions