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Undergraduate Laboratory Instructor

Date: December 17, 2015
Reports to (Job Title): Senior Laboratory Instructor/Manager
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Teaching Assistant, Co-op Students
Department: Chemical Enginering


DWE Building


USG 10
35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

The Laboratory Instructor is directly accountable to the Senior Laboratory Instructor / Manager for the effective delivery of all undergraduate teaching laboratories in the Chemical Engineering program. This shared position helps ensure that all laboratory facilities, equipment, and resources meet the needs of the program and all experiments are appropriate and conducted safely

Key Accountabilities:

1.  Ensures smooth operation of assigned undergraduate Chemical Engineering Laboratories:



2.  Develops and constructs new chemical engineering undergraduate experiments, including exercises based on engineering software applications:



3.  Provides effective leadership in the laboratory, including instruction of students and assessment of their academic performance:



4.  Ensures the effective utilization, deployment, and development teaching assistants who are assigned to assist with undergraduate laboratories from term-to-term on a changing basis:



5.  Maintains and develops professional training:

Position Requirements


MASc or PhD in Chemical Engineering or equivalent education and experience. Professional engineer (P.Eng) status or eligibility is preferred.


The position requires familiarity with all core areas of chemical engineering, including experience in the design, operation, and control of pilot scale experiments; process control; and the LabVIEW data acquisition software. Competency in computational and simulation software, such as MATLAB and Aspen Plus chemical process optimization software. Excellent written and oral communications. Four years of experience in teaching undergrad students or equivalent industrial training is preferred. Excellent organizational, time management, interpersonal, and analytical skills. Demonstrated experience in lab course development and instruction. Experience with chemical engineering equipment and supplies. Familiarity with chemical engineering test and measurement instrumentation and/or software.



Requires familiarity with and knowledge of the operation of all laboratory equipment, such as gas chromatographs,  UV visible spectrophotometers, continuous recorders, pressure transducers, thermo couples, scintillation counters, data measurement devises and meters, pumps, reactors, membrane separation devices, heat exchangers, other unit operations, and biological materials and equipment such as microscopes.


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Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Internally – ability to communicate clearly and effectively with students, teaching assistants, and co-op students in laboratory settings, with course instructors in the area of specialization, and with the chemical engineering staff and faculty members. Externally – ability to communicate with contacts relevant to accomplishing the laboratory delivery objectives, as well as with equipment and/or software suppliers . 

Level of Responsibility:

The Chemical Engineering Laboratory Instructor works per the assigned lab instruction schedule, on his/her own initiative, with minimal daily supervision, and reports to the Senior Laboratory Instructor/Manager. The Chemical Engineering Laboratory Instructor supervises teaching assistants assigned to assist with the undergraduate laboratories from term-to-term on a changing basis. Direct supervision of others. The job has specialized work and direct reports reporting to it. 

Decision-Making Authority:

Responsible and accountable for the smooth operation of the laboratory and the assigned laboratory tasks that take place within it.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Moderate demands, typical of a technical position operating within a teaching laboratory environment, that may involve some lifting of equipment, rearranging of furniture, and standing for extended periods of time. Person must be able to project his/her voice to communicate with students in a laboratory setting. Requires exertion of physical or sensory effort resulting in slight fatigue, strain, or risk of injury.

Working Environment:

The Chemical Engineering Laboratory Instructor is expected to organize work such that he/she can be available during all scheduled lab periods and occasionally for some extra sessions. Most time is spent in teaching labs, including those that support computer-aided teaching, or in the office, working with teaching assistants and undergraduate students or preparing equipment and materials for the labs. Undergrad laboratories and office are located in Douglas Wright Engineering Building (DWE). There will be some unavoidable exposure to dangerous situations or to hazardous substances and environments.  




The Chemical Engineering Laboratory Instructor works collaboratively with the other Instructors on the team, with little supervision. Courses in chemical engineering, including the laboratory courses, enroll up to approximately 75 students per lab course per term. Laboratory courses occur in each of the three terms per year. There are approximately 500 chemical engineering undergraduate students enrolled in the program.