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Computer Systems Specialist


Systems Design Engineering Department

Effective Date: November, 2013

USG 11

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Laboratory Director

General Accountability

The Computer Systems Specialist directly responsible for the management, operation, security and performance of the information infrastructure and support of sustainable secure information technology systems of the Systems Design Engineering Department.

The Computer Systems Specialist [CSS] is responsible for the daily operation and system administration of all computer and information systems and provides some consulting services related to this operation and administration.

The CSS is directly responsible for the maintenance of the department web pages.

The CSS deals directly with laboratory staff, administrative staff, faculty, department-hired co-op students and other department computer system and network administrators.

The CSS will act as a technical resource for undergraduate students in the department.

The CSS is expected to comply with and promote the University’s policies and directives related to information technology.

The CSS reports to the Lab Director for the department.

Nature and Scope

The department of Systems Design Engineering maintains a diverse computing environment for its faculty, staff and students. The department has undergraduate computer labs, multimedia lab, undergraduate teaching lab, graduate student research computing labs, along with faculty and staff office computers.

The Computer System Specialist is responsible for the daily operation and systems administration of all computer systems and network systems in the department. The CSS is also responsible for providing consulting services related to this operation and administration for all department personnel including faculty, staff and students and visiting scholars. The CSS is required to collaborate with other departmental personnel to provide advice, assistance and expertise for departmentally sanctioned projects.


In addition, the CSS is required to:

Liaise with vendor representatives when resolving software and hardware problems

Statistical Data

The Department of Systems Design Engineering currently has 27 faculty, 9 staff, 400+ undergraduates and 110+ graduate students.

Computer workstations = 300+

Servers =6+

Specific Accountabilities

The Computer System Specialist is responsible for broad and overlapping areas, all of which are critical to the Systems Design Engineering department.

1.  Administration and maintenance of computer systems.


2. Active directory management and backup user data.


3. Administration of the department network infrastructure.


4. Network system security and evasive forecasting.


5. Computer hardware installation, configuration, repair and maintenance.


6.  Maintain the departmental database.


7.  Maintain the departmental webpage.



8.  Manage IT procurements.


8.  Deploy and maintain multi-media equipment for faculty, staff and students.


10.  Represent the department on Engineering Systems Administrator Group [ESAG].


11.  Supervise and manage co-op students.


12.  Manage, maintain, and update Computer lab, Workshop labs and classrooms.

Core Competencies:

Working Conditions