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Administrative Co-ordinator, Undergraduate Studies

Department: Department of Civil Engineering Effective Date: November, 2011


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Chair, Assoc. Chair, U/G and Admi Assistant, Civil and Env Engineering

General Accountability

The Administrative Co-ordinator, Undergraduate Studies, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is accountable to the Chair, the Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies, and the Administrative Assistant, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Nature and Scope

Under the academic direction of the Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies, the incumbent serves as the Undergraduate Advisor for the undergraduate students in Civil Engineering and is responsible for the interpretation and advisement of University and Faculty academic policies and procedures as they relate to current students.    The incumbent is responsible for academic counselling, and development and implementation of academic services for the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program as well as the scheduling of the undergraduate timetable.  This position requires a high degree of knowledge of academic progression rules and graduation requirements for the Civil Engineering program, as well as an understanding of the co-op system. 

The Administrative Co-ordinator, Undergraduate Studies,  co-ordinates and advises on all aspects of the administration of the Undergraduate Program in Civil Engineering and is expected to be familiar with policies and procedures pertaining to the Undergraduate Program in order to act as a resource person to the Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies, faculty, staff and students.   The incumbent ensures that pertinent information is transmitted to appropriate individuals or groups as required.  An important role for this position is to provide continuity of undergraduate procedures and expert support for new Associate Chairs, Undergraduate Studies, and for the departmental Examinations and Promotions Officer.

The incumbent liaises regularly with the Registrar’s Office, the Scheduling Office, the Faculty of Engineering Undergraduate Office, the Dean of Engineering Office, Counselling Services, office of Persons with Disabilities, the Bookstore and Co-operative Education and Career Services, in addition to other academic departments.  Connections with the newly opened Student Success Office will need to be established.

Dealing with all undergraduate questions and problem-solving and is one of the main challenges of this position.  In addition, the Administrative Co-ordinator, Undergraduate Studies, works closely with the faculty members in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Undergraduate Secretary, Environmental and Geological Engineering.  

Statistical Data

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering currently has 41 faculty, 9 technical staff, 7 administrative staff, 15 research staff, 700 undergraduates plus 5-10 UAE undergraduate students and 230 graduate students of which approximately 90 are teaching assistants per annum.

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions

Much of the time is spent sitting in a comfortable position responding to undergraduate and faculty issues with frequent opportunity to move about.  The job is varied and includes responding to telephone inquiries, written documents, email inquiries and copying materials.  The office situation is relaxed, however, at times stressful at the beginning and end of terms or when deadlines occur.