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WATCARD Assistant

Department: WATCARD Effective Date: June 1997
Grade: USG 04 Reports to: Information Technology Specialist

General Accountability

The WatCard Assistant is accountable to the Information Technology Specialist

and is responsible for providing front-line customer service information in the WATCARD Office. He/she must ensure professional and responsive customer relations for students, staff, faculty, parents, and guests of the University of Waterloo.   

 The WatCard Assistant will be responsible for assisting in the efficient operation and management of the University One Card System.

Nature and Scope

 a.  Information on the Organization and Services

 The WATCARD is the universal card system that handles a wide range of identity, access, and financial transaction processing requirements for the University of Waterloo community. The WATARD has grown over the past several years to provide a full range of services to staff, students, faculty and university departments; including web-based interactive account inquiry systems, touch screen point-of-sale systems, online access systems, vending machines, laundry facilities, photocopying, laser printing, and parking services sales. The WATCARD system is a critical component to many University departments. The Department is proactive in investigating new avenues of growth as technological advances present themselves.  

 b.  Challenges

 Continuous effort to respond to students’ needs and inquiries is needed for the position. Students are not always cooperative and understanding when it comes to WATCARD policies and procedures and it is the Customer Care Representative’s responsibility to provide students with the needed information without breaking policy and privacy issues.

 c.  Significant Internal Relationships

 Continuous communication with other members of the university is required. The incumbent must work effectively with other groups, including Food Services, the Housing Department, UW Police, Financial Services, Registrars Office, Graphics Department, Retail Services, and Information Systems and Technology (IST).

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Provide professional, timely, and accurate customer service to students, staff, faculty and guests. This involves responding appropriately to all types of inquiries related to WATCARD in person, over the telephone, via e-mails, fax or mail. Provides general guidance on published guidelines and explains policies, processes, and procedures.


Working Conditions