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Accounts Receivable Analyst

Department: Finance Effective Date: March, 2009

USG 8/9

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Manager, Student Financials

General Accountability

The Accounts Receivable Analyst is accountable to the Manager, Student Financials for the day to day business activity of the general Accounts Receivable section of Finance, including billings and collections. The Analyst is also involved in upgrades and ongoing maintenance of the Oracle Accounts Receivable module.

Nature and Scope

One position reports to the Accounts Receivable Analyst, the Accounts Receivable Coordinator.


Many departments across campus sell various goods and services to the outside community on either a cash or credit basis.  It is the incumbent’s responsibility to ensure all goods and services billed on account are invoiced for, including taxes assessed properly (GST, PST or HST) and to ensure payments are applied correctly. Accounts receivable encompass all university funds including research grants and contracts. Before some grants and contracts can be paid to the university, certain deliverables must be met by the grantee. Some funds are payable to the university based on predetermined schedules. The incumbent must work closely with the Office of Research to ensure the system can track and bill research grants/contracts based on several sets of rules. It is also the incumbent’s responsibility to ensure overdue accounts are followed up in a timely manner and collection action taken if required. The incumbent must possess a thorough understanding of accounts receivable, cash receipt processes and a good understanding of the financial business of the university.


The incumbent must possess an in-depth knowledge of the accounts receivable system and know how to identify problems as they arise. He/she has the ability to assess user needs and respond as required i.e. provide advice on how to record financial data.  He/she has the ability to deal with unusual transactions and non-routine issues. The Analyst participates in testing during upgrades and routine system maintenance, as required. He/she understands financial software and can assess how new functionality within the system;   will improve business procedures.  The incumbent must have good technical skills, both accounting and computer, in varying degrees.  Information for billing from various departments is currently received via spreadsheets and More4Apps. He/she recommends process improvements through technology, where practical and workable, to promote an efficient operation and streamline internal business practices. The incumbent must be proficient in the use of Excel, Word, FORE and Sharepoint


The Analyst works with both academic and academic support units on a regular basis to ensure proper procedures are being followed and to provide advice and assistance with new selling activities. He/she has the ability to work with all levels of faculty and staff on campus, vendors, bankers and external agencies, including government. He/she provides advice to university departments implementing software on how and what interfaces and data exchanges are required.


Strong oral and written communication and interpersonal skills are essential as the incumbent communicates with faculty, staff and sponsoring agencies in resolving issues. It is also critical that issues be handled with tact and diplomacy, without affecting customer relations between the various university stakeholders and external customers.

Statistical Data

Annual University Revenue Fiscal 2007/2008           $634 million
Accounts Receivable Balance April 30, 2008    $30 million
Number of customers      6,000

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions