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Manager, Infrastructure Services

Department: Science Computing Effective Date: July 22, 2008


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Manager of Science Computing

General Accountability

The Manager of Infrastructure Services is accountable to the Manager of Science Computing for the design, implementation and maintenance of all infrastructure needs for the academic departments and academic-support units in the Faculty of Science. 

The Manager will be responsible for the identification and procurement of materials and resources required for successful completion of projects within the SCO.  Addition responsibilities will include the supervision of various trades and outside contractors ensuring a safe work environment and acceptable standard of work.


The Manager of Infrastructure Services must work closely with other members of the Science Computing Office to achieve the SCO’s goal of providing the Faculty of Science with an effective (cost and efficiency) information systems and technology.

Nature and Scope

There are five other positions reporting to the Manger of Science Computing.  This position shares with the other positions the responsibility to provide a, on a day-to-day basis, quality services and support to over 200 faculty members and staff and approximately 2000 students.


The Faculty of Science contains a highly diverse computing environment with respect to equipment, software and user skills.  One common element, however, is a strong dependence on a reliable network infrastructure.  The SCO is the primary unit in the Faculty of Science for support in more than six scientific departments/schools and their academic support units, 4 public computer labs, teaching and administrative activities.  The physical plant currently consists of 8 buildings.


Supported computing currently includes:



Supported OSes, software, networks and equipment include:



Supported facilities and environments include:


Statistical Data

The management of Science Computing is team based.  The incumbent is expected to take a leadership role in projects as necessary, when their skills are most appropriate for this role.  They are expected to work co-operatively with other staff on projects, policy-setting and ongoing tasks that require joint effort.  Science computing hires co-op students and uses various sub-contractors to assist in fulfilling its goals.  Periodically the incumbent will be required to directly supervise one or ore of these part-time staff.

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions