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Resource Scheduler

Date: March 20, 2014
Reports to (Job Title): CCLR Administrator
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): None
Location: School of Optometry & Vision Science


35 hr/wk

Primary Purpose

To manage the scheduling of study participants and resources according to very specific protocol and resource  requirements for each study as well as to provide administrative support for all studies.

Key Accountabilities:

1.  Scheduling of study participants for all studies conducted by the CCLR, according to very specific protocol requirements for each study, using Microsoft Outlook.  This involves coordinating the schedules of all the research personnel (faculty and graduate students), the research assistants, the laboratory personnel, 7 consulting rooms, numerous pieces of equipment, anyone else who might be involved in a particular study and, of course, the study participants.

2.  Managing payment of study participants including maintaining signing authority on the CIBC bank account, writing cheques under $300.00 for study participants, ordering cheques and working with Finance to transfer funds into the CIBC account.


3.  Ordering study forms and preparing study files for each appointment.

4.  Assisting with recruitment of study participants by either contacting potential participants directly or being listed as the call-in number on recruitment advertisements.


5.  Coordinating administrative aspects of overnight studies such as arranging for chaperones, informing Police Services of who is in the building overnight and providing other resources as required.

6.  Ensuring that participants using a study smart phone are trained and set up to receive reminders as required by study specifications.

7.  Organizing appointments and paperwork for study participant referrals for further treatment.

8.  Overseeing the opening and closing of the admin area and consulting rooms each day including restocking supplies and retrieving messages from the answering machine.

9.  Providing backup for Receptionist, recruitment team and occasionally Research Assistants.

10.  Performing other duties which are from time to time requested by the CCLR Administrator, other members of the Senior Admin Team or other members of the CCLR.

Position Requirements


Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.


Minimum of 3 years office experience, preferably in a health care setting is desired.  Preference will be given to candidates with knowledge of optometric and/or contact lens terminology.  Must have excellent customer service, communication (oral and written) and organizational skills with an aptitude for detail and accuracy.  Must be able to work independently and as a team member in a busy and varied environment.


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Intermediate Intermediate Basic

Outlook – advanced, Adobe - basic

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

The incumbent is required to have strong interpersonal and customer service skills as the majority of the time s/he will be interacting with others.  Internally s/he will work with the research staff and other support staff to obtain, clarify and discuss study related information.  S/he will interact extensively with study participants throughout their involvement in studies.

Level of Responsibility:

The incumbent must have the capability of understanding and adhering to the protocol requirements and timelines that are specific to each study.  Considering that there can be 10 to 15 studies running at any one time, remembering the details for each can be quite challenging.  S/he will be responsible for guiding the study participants through the scheduling process and will function as part of a team, providing support for co-workers as needed  toward a common goal.  The incumbent will also be responsible for managing the payment of study participants to a maximum of $299.00 per study participant.  This will require her/him to maintain signing authority on the CIBC bank account, order and write cheques and work with Finance to manage advances to the CIBC bank account.

Decision-Making Authority:

Dealing with study participants sometimes requires decision-making or problem solving skills.  The incumbent is required to demonstrate judgment and tact as s/he attempts to schedule study participants into very inflexible study schedules.  The incumbent must be aware of when s/he can make decisions on protocol deviations and when s/he must consult with a supervisor or study investigator.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

This position experiences minimal demands typical of an administrative position operating within an office environment where there is extensive computer work and many distractions over the course of the day.

Working Environment:

There is minimal exposure to disagreeable conditions typical of an administrative position required to occupy an office shared with two other individuals.  This position is contingent upon funding.