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Director, UW Food Services

Department: UW Food Services, University Business Operations Effective Date: April 2005
Grade: USG 15 Reports to:

General Accountability

The Director, UW Food Services is accountable to the Director, University Business Operations for the effective development, management, administration, and operation of UW Food Services from all business, student service, campus service, statutory compliance, academic support, and technical perspectives.

Nature and Scope

Also reporting to the Director, University Business Operations are the Director of Retail Services, the Director of UW Graphics, the Director of Housing and Residence Administration, the Director, Residence Life, and the Manager of the Watcard Department.

Reporting to the Director, UW Food Services are the Assistant Director, the Assistant Director of Cash Operations, two Area Managers, the Manager of Marketing and Development, and the Manager of Administrative Services. 

UW Food Services provides a range of products and services to students, faculty, staff, and the broader community through the operation of residence cafeterias, cash operations outlets, catering, vending, the University club and venues licenced under the Liquor Licence Act of Ontario. The Department provides meal plan programs, food-related wellness programs, nutritional programs, and a range of initiatives in support of recruitment, student life, diversity and culture.

UW Food Services is an ancillary operation which must generate its own income and maintain its fiscal viability. It must be competitive, effectively market its services, forecast and develop business, and innovate in line with industry trends. As a key student service, Food Services must help create and embellish a contemporary service and atmosphere that creates an attractive university environment.  The Department must provide products, services, features and events that address the needs and expectations of the diverse clientele at UW.

Accordingly, the Director, UW Food Services must demonstrate well developed skills in four areas:


The Director must take the lead in defining, developing, providing, improving, and ensuring the financial viability of the services provided by UW Food Services. He/She must have an entrepreneurial business sense, good marketing skills, an innovative approach to services, and an ability to create and execute viable business plans. The Director must be knowledgeable about production management, procurement, business accounting, and all relative aspects of financial management. He/She must possess well developed skills in the development, management and administration of large contracts for the supply of services and products, equipment, construction and renovations, repairs and maintenance. The incumbent must demonstrate a high level of communication and interpersonal skill in dealing with management in the academic and academic support areas, with students, faculty, and staff, and with a range of people from outside the university.


The Director must have a broad based knowledge of the skills, technology and trends within the food service industry relating to food preparation, storage and service.  A thorough knowledge of the relevant health, human resources and other statutory requirements is essential. The incumbent must have expertise in the development, provision  and management of technologies in support of departmental operations and administration. The Director must be skilled in the evaluation  of technical options, equipment, and technology based services.

The incumbent must maintain complete knowledge of the Liquor Licence Act, workplace safety legislation, food safety legislation, labour relations legislation and relevant provincial and federal tax legislation as it relates to retail sales and meal plans.


The Director develops a vision, development plans and a direction for food services at UW that incorporate the needs of the campus constituency.   He/she analyses development options, creates financial plans and pro forma statements for new initiatives, establishes business cases, and  formulates marketing strategies. The incumbent evaluates and rationalizes new or refurbished  food services facilities and sees plans through to completion.


The Director, UW Food Services has overall managerial responsibilities for the UW Food Services including hiring, training and motivation, staff performance, salary administration, promotions, reclassifications, and disciplinary issues. He/She must exercise skill in managing people and provide them with a productive and supportive environment and career opportunities. The incumbent manages UW Food Services staff through effective recruitment, selection, training, and assignment of staff, organization of functions, establishment of procedures and standards, monitoring of performance and focusing of staff efforts on UW goals.

The Food Services Department has 25 full-time salaried staff, approximately 90 full-time hourly paid staff who are members of CUPE Local 793 and 300 part-time hourly staff.  A central administrative unit coordinates all administrative support activities for the department.  Sections of the department operate 24 hours per day year round and other sections operate 24 hours per day only at the beginning and end of each term.

Statistical Data

The services provided by UW Food Services generate approximately $14 million in revenue annually. Major operating costs are as follows:

Salaries and benefits                          $5.5M

Cost of Goods Sold                              4.5M

Supplies                                               .6M

Capital Improvements                          1.0M

Repairs and Maintenance                     .5M

Occupancy and Utilities                         .5M 

UW Food Services serves over 2.75 million meals per year through 19 operating units.

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions