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  Financial Co-ordinator

Department: UW Food Services Effective Date: March, 2012


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Manager, Information & Sytems

General Accountability

Reporting to the Manager, Information & Systems, this position will provide administrative financial support for the department; act as an effective liaison, interface directly with the leadership and management teams, Finance Department, Watcard Office, and other stakeholders on and off campus, including vendors and suppliers.

Nature and Scope

The incumbent is responsible for compiling a high volume of data, preparing financial reports and bank deposit consolidations, distribution of petty cash and providing various reliable financial and accounting supports for the department with an extremely high degree of accuracy and professional accounting skills.


It is absolutely vital that the incumbent work with a high degree of professionalism and courtesy when dealing with internal and external staff.  The department relies highly on the incumbents ability in processing accurate data to generate reports on sales, food costs and labour costs.


All departmental financial reports prepared by the incumbent are used as the groundwork to formulate the departments’ yearly budget.


As well, the Financial Co-ordinator is responsible for department bank deposits from all cash registers as well as cash floats/change funds, petty cash for all the units, administrating p-card program for UWFS and processing department travel claims.  The incumbent must have sound judgement and problem-solving skills, and show initiative in determining sound solutions in process that allows for greater efficiencies in financial controls and other administrative processes.


The incumbent is responsible for proposed guideline and procedures improvements in regards to the bank deposit, cash float, and performing the audit regularly.  The incumbent will be the administrator for the departmental petty cash. The incumbent will also be trained in key aspects of duties of the Data Entry Assistant to provide support when required.

Statistical Data

The departments’ vision is to cultivate, nurture and promote excellence of food services for all members of the University community through quality, growth and innovation.  UW Food Services is an ancillary operation which must maintain its’ fiscal viability by remaining competitive, offering the appropriate products and services at the right price, effectively controlling costs, keeping accurate records, and develop strategies that will make for a more effective and efficient operating department.



The department operates specialized inventory management software, purchasing, monthly inventories and product databases for all the Food Service Units and generates its own reports for UWFS units across campus.


UW Food Services operates 21 outlets across campus and co-ordinates all administrative tasks through a centralized office.


The Departments budget is estimated at $19,400,000. 


The two major expenses are food cost, $6,700,000 and wage and benefits cost, $8,200,000. 


UW Food Services employs 103 full-time hourly paid staff, 38 full-time salaried staff and approximately 300+ part-time hourly paid and full-time temporary staff.


The Administrative office maintains a vendor product database of 5700+ items and enters food purchases for a total annually of $6,700,000.


The department operates 27 cash registers, has average daily sales of $65,000, average daily bank deposits of $25,000 and maintains cash floats/change funds of approximately $20,000.

Specific Accountabilities

Financial and Reporting Responsibilities



Cash Handling and Banking



Other Administrative Responsibilities




Supervisory Responsibilities


Working Conditions