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Senior Parking Technician

Department: PARKING SERVICES Effective Date:


Reports to: Manager, Parking Services

General Accountability

The Parking Services office consists of four administrative staff, four parking kiosk attendants, one parking technician, one tow truck operator and a Senior parking control officer.  All of these positions report to the Manager of Parking Services.  The parking technician is responsible for recommendations to improve the parking systems on campus as well as the ongoing maintenance of all parking equipment which includes kiosks, cash registers, parking gates and the parking office computer network.  The technician is also responsible for the emergency telephones located across campus as well as the security alarm systems located in various departments throughout the campus.  During large events such as Convocation and Campus Day the technician coordinates the placement of signage, staffing requirements and works with the UW Police Services to control the flow of traffic and parking of vehicles visiting the campus.  The Parking Technician is required to wear a pager for emergency calls, evenings and weekends.

Nature and Scope

The University of Waterloo has 5500 surface parking spaces available for use by faculty, staff, students and visitors to the campus.  Visitors to campus may either park in a visitor lot with an attendants or use a parking lot that is set as a coin entry lot.  The majority of permit lots have computerized gate control with card access 24 hours a day but switch to coin to allow cash pay parking evening and weekends.  Students who live in residence on the campus have permits displayed on their windshields and are provided with a hunting license in parking lots located near the residences with no gate control.  Staff members on campus are sold permits and are provided with card access to a specific lot.  There is also short term metered parking available at a number of locations on campus.  Motorcycle permits are sold on a per term basis and have access to any motorcycle pad on campus.

Statistical Data

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions