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Manager, Client Services


Mapping, Analysis & Design

Effective Date: February, 2010
Grade: USG 10 Reports to: Director

General Accountability

The Client Services Manager (CSM) is accountable to the Director for client service support and management, financial and facilities management and human resource administration within the department to promote its mission to support the Faculty with effective information systems and information technology for administration, teaching/learning, and research.

Nature and Scope

The individual holding this position must have a demonstrated track record of successes with in-depth and expert level knowledge of a number of areas. The Manager must demonstrate expert leadership in adopting appropriate new technologies and adapting processes and procedures to accommodate the changes. The Manager must work closely with the Manager, Technical Services and Director to achieve the department goal of providing the Faculty with effective support of teaching, research and administration activities. The Manager must maintain productive working relationships within the unit. The Manager has excellent interpersonal skills, is aware of university-wide initiatives related to the unit, and is able to interact well with a range of people from inside and outside the university.
The Manager must maintain a broad knowledge of current technology and practices in information systems and technology, and a deeper knowledge in specific areas relevant to the unit. The Manager must be familiar with, comply with, and promote the University's policies.
The Manager has general managerial responsibilities for the client services group, including hiring, performance reviews, promotions, reclassifications, and disciplinary issues. The Manager collaborates with the Manager, Technical Services and Director on general issues of staffing, including career paths and staff mobility among groups. The Manager is responsible for negotiating staffing and other resource commitments to faculty projects, and for providing them to those projects in a timely fashion that contributes to their successful completion.
The Manager exercises skill in managing technical/professional people and provides them with a productive work environment and career opportunities. The CSM manages the client services operations of the unit through effective recruitment, selection, training, and assignment of staff, the organization of functions, establishment of procedures and standards, monitoring of performance, and focusing staff efforts on University goals.

Organizational Relationships

Other positions which report directly to the Director:
• Manager, Technical Services
• Windows Services Administrator

Positions that report directly to the Manager, Client Services:
• Web and E-communications Administrator
• Multimedia Specialist
• MAD Helpdesk Assistants
• MAD Co-op students

External Relationships
• Senior administrative staff in other departments in the Faculty
• Finance
• Human Resources
• Procurement and Contract Services
• Safety Office
• Plant Operations
• Police Services

Statistical Data

MAD consists of approximately 11 staff members, including the Director, and is organized into groups such as client services, application services and systems services. MAD provides services and support for a client base consisting of approximately 150 staff and 2500 students.

Specific Accountabilities

Specifically, major areas of responsibility include:
• The Manager, Client Services who is an integral member of the MAD management team, shares overall responsibility for day-to-day management of MAD with the Technical Services Manager (TSM). On occasion, the Manager, Client Services will serve as Director when the Director is absent.
• The Manager, in co-ordination with the unit’s management team, is responsible for implementing and monitoring strategic IT plans, services, and facilities used in the Faculty of Environment, while ensuring such activities are in keeping with the goals and missions of the University and Faculty.
• The Manager provides expert level leadership in planning and provisioning of IT-centric services including procurement, support and training. As an expert in supporting desktop computing environments, applications and procedures, the Manager provides and manages a user support environment that includes consulting, training and mentoring activities.
• In the area of human resource administration, the Manager has hiring and supervising responsibilities for the professional staff in the unit who provide multi-media and web services to the Faculty. In addition, the Manager has hiring and supervision responsibilities for part-time-staff, including co-op positions, providing front-line support for desktop computing, multimedia services, informatics, and web design.
• Make available solutions that support the needs of information workers by tracking and assessing the potential impact of changes in technology and processes/procedures.
• Provides confidential and strategic decision support for the Director and to departmental administrators when required.
• Collaborates on developing departmental procedures and guidelines and disseminates them to the Faculty.
• Monitors and adjusts business practices across the unit in order to realize continual improvements.
• Has faculty-wide authority for departmental accounts (signing authority for pCard - $20,000 and all operating accounts $99,999)
• Develops the department’s annual operating budget from a variety of soft sources (Teaching/Development Fund, Faculty Project Fund, Income from support of Research activities, Special funding from Dean’s Office).
• Reviews the department’s financial position with the Director on a regular basis and manages the department’s for-fee (research) services.
• Works closely with all units within the department (and across the Faculty) to develop, improve and promote strong internal financial controls, ensuring that available funds are maximized and that UW policies and procedures are followed
• Provides expert organizational skills and is able to apply them to multiple and disparate service areas
• Work with dynamic, complex issues that arise from unpredictable interactions of people, applications, networks and hardware, and provide expert problem solving skills to address those issues
• As the primary client contact for day-to-day activities, the Manager requires expert level communications skills to represent the department and the Faculty. These communications are multi-tier and range from oral, to written to e-Communications.
• Develops and provides training and supervision for part-time staff and when required for staff in Co-op positions.
• Takes a leading role in identifying problem areas and bringing them to the Director and the department. Manages the Request Tracking system, assigns tasks, and monitors progress of requests.
• Provides procurement support for the department and also takes a Faculty wide role for system and software acquisition.
• Provides safety and security support for the department and faculty wide

Working Conditions

The Manager normally works in an office environment at a computing workstation. As manager responsible for efficient service delivery, a portion of time is spent away from the office visiting clients to develop and maintain effective lines of communication. The demanding and fast paced environment of client support services requires coordination and management skills to meet the computing needs of clients. Normally the Manager carries out all responsibilities during UW business hours, but might infrequently be called upon to work outside of UW business hours if emergency conditions warrant.