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IST Network Technician

Department: Information Systems and Technology Effective Date: April 5, 2010

USG 5-10

37.5 hrs/wk
Reports to: Director Network Services, or their designate

General Accountability

Reports to the Director, Network Services, or their designate. Is familiar with, complies with, and at all times promotes the University's policies and its directives related to

information systems and technology.

Nature and Scope

The use of information technology in the teaching, research, and administrative

work of the University depends on a campus-network infrastructure that is

"always on". The people in this position are responsible for providing a

high-quality reliable transmission-systems infrastructure for the campus network

and its voice, data, image, and security/surveillance services. Each person

participates in a progressive range of activities encompassing the installation

and maintenance of cabling media (coax, copper, fibre) and Termination Rooms,

the installation, connection, and maintenance of hardware (switches, routers,

wireless access points, telephone handsets, security cameras, etc), the

configuration of telephone-system user options (handset, PBX, voicemail), and

the design of wired and wireless transmission-system topology.

Statistical Data

As of 2006-10, the campus network includes approximately 800 edge-switch devices

providing wired-access connectivity to 20,000 user devices (servers,

workstations, printers, VoIP phones, etc), 600 wireless access-point devices

enabling laptop/handheld connectivity in all on-campus buildings, 100

building-level aggregation switches, 10 constituency-aggregation switch/routers,

2 core switch/routers, 2 external-constituency security appliances, several

hundred security/surveillance devices, and a PBX telephone switch supporting

over 6,000 ports for digital, analog, and VoIP handsets and softphones.

Specific Accountabilities

specialization (cabling, wireless, telephony, image, etc).


USG 5 Network Technician

  Assists in the removal of old cabling-systems media and the installation and

  testing of new media under the on-site direction of a more-senior Network



USG 6 Network Technician

  Participates in the assembly, testing, installation, preventive maintenance,

  and repair of all IST-supported voice/video/data network equipment.

  Performs media installation/removal tasks (for voice, data, video, security,

  etc) under general supervision in accordance with established vendor,

  industry, and UW standards.

  Configures telephone-handset and voicemail options as per work-order


  Installs handsets, tests for correct configuring, and performs basic

  troubleshooting under supervision of a senior Network Technician.

  Provides the Maintenance/Repair Administrator with accurate records of

  installation and repair work for billing and management reports.

  Provides feedback to customer about repairs performed as per work-order

  request (nature of problem, corrective action taken).

  Is proactive in recognizing potential problems that could impact the delivery

  of service and recommending actions to deal with those problems.

  As required, contributes to the planning for installations.

 USG 7 Network Technician

  Performs media installation/removal tasks and provides on-site guidance to

  less-experienced Network Technicians under the general direction of a Network

  Technical Specialist.

  Advises clients on the costs of move/add/change requests.

  Contributes to the design of cabling-system topology and the planning of


  Installs and maintains security/surveillance systems and advises clients on

  their function and use.

  Installs telephone handsets and advises clients on the abilities and proper

  usage of configuration options.

  Advises residence units on problems encountered with their student-rooms

  telephone systems and provides troubleshooting liaison with the external

  service provider.

  Configures telephone-system options and performs troubleshooting of problems

  under the general direction of a Network Technical Specialist.

  Performs regular backups of telephone-system configurations (PBX, voicemail,


  Installs security/surveillance devices and performs troubleshooting of

  problems under the general direction of a Network Technical Specialist or

  senior Network Technican.

 USG 8 Network Technician

  Provides technical direction to less-senior Network Technicians in their

  assigned areas (wired, wireless, data, voice, video, security/serveillance).

  Installs network-device hardware (switches, routers, wireless access points,

  network servers, etc) in TR racks and does hardware-diagnostic tests to

  confirm proper installation.

  Configures, tests, and maintains security/surveillance devices and systems.

  Diagnoses reported voice/video/data/security transmission problems to

  determine whether the cause is software, hardware, or an end-user action and

  completes repairs as appropriate.

  Initiates automated downloads to update telephone-handset software.

  Advises IST Telephone Services, IST Help Desk, and departmental admin

  assistants regarding telephone-system functions and features.

  Works with vendors to diagnose and resolve problems, and to co-ordinate and

  install upgrades to system components.

  Contributes to design and planning for new projects under the general

  direction of a Network Technical Specialist.

 USG 9 Network Technical Specialist

  Has campus-wide expertise in one or more areas of specialization (wired,

  wireless, voice, video, security/surveillance); makes important contributions

  to design and analysis.

  Performs site checkouts for voice/video/data network installation requests.

  Documents specifications to be followed by Network Technicians for


  Provides day-to-day technical guidance, work coordination, mentoring, and job supervision

  for Network Technicians as assigned by the Director.

  Coordinates design, installation, and repair work with Plant Operations,

  Security, and Bell and other outside contractors for special features

  (contracted installations, security systems, pay phones, ISDN lines,

  off-premises lines, etc).

  Is proactive in assuring the general health of the campus network.

  Interacts with managers and senior staff of other Network Services units and

  with vendors on planning for system-component upgrades and on monitoring for,

  reporting, and resolving problems.

  Assists Network Services Director  in investigation of and preparation for

  deployment of new features.

  Keeps pace with standards and developing technologies for voice/video/data

  cabling systems, wired/wireless transmission systems, and/or

  security/surveillance systems.

  Continues to acquire knowledge and develop skills in response to evolutionary

  changes in the voice/data/image/security infrastructure.

 USG 10 Network Technical Specialist

  A recognized campus expert in the design and installation of wired and

  wireless transmission systems for data, voice, video, security/surveillance,


  Develops proposals, specifications, cost estimates, and work schedules for

  campus-backbone, building-internal, and departmental/workgroup cabling


  Oversees site surveys to determine placement of wireless access points.

  Provides advice to constituency units (Faculties, departments, etc) with

  regards to physical planning.

  Provides project leadership on medium to large cabling-infrastructure


  Works with Plant Operations to update building-drawing records.

  Monitors the progress and quality of work assigned by IST to outside


  Certifies design and installation work performed by designated Faculty network


May be required to serve on campus committees, on behalf of Director

Working Conditions

Work takes place in the employee's office and throughout the campus in

Termination Rooms, computer rooms, labs, and client offices. Lifting and

transport of moderately heavy equipment is sometimes required. Access to

ceilings and other areas may require the use of a ladder.

Scheduled work is performed during University business hours, under situations

involving time-line pressures and requiring sensitivity to minimize disruptions

to clients.

Participates in call-in and rotation/on-call schedules to provide fault

diagnosis and resolution outside of University business hours.