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Graduate Program Administrator & Assistant to the Director of the Waterloo-Laurier Graduate Program in Geography

Department: Geography & Environmental Management Effective Date: April, 2011


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Administrative Manager

General Accountability

The Graduate Program Administrator reports to the Administrative Manager and works in partnership with the Associate Chair, Graduate Studies and the Director of the Waterloo-Laurier Graduate Program in Geography.  The incumbent is responsible for the interpretation of University and Faculty academic policies and procedures as they relate to the current graduate program in Geography & Environmental Management.

Nature and Scope

The incumbent requires a high degree of knowledge for managing the cycle of applications, admissions, academic progression, scholarship and graduation, enrollment projections and all administrative operations related to these processes. The incumbent is the first point of contact for potential graduate applicants and all registered students and faculty members with respect to the MA, MES, MSc, and PhD Graduate Programs.

The incumbent must have excellent skills in the areas of questioning, listening, decision-making, responding and referring, and problem solving. The ability to meet daily deadline pressures while maintaining thoroughness and accuracy and to promote positive relationships and effectively communicate is essential.

The incumbent acts in an advisory and coordinating capacity to the Graduate Coordinator of the Geography and Environmental Studies Department at Wilfrid Laurier University.

The incumbent directs a staff member with respect to graduate admissions, scholarship applications and records.

Statistical Data

The Departments of Geography & Environmental Management (UW) and Geography & Environmental Studies (WLU) offer a diverse joint graduate program. The department has an active research program with four fields of specialization and offers four graduate degrees MA, MES, MSc and Ph.D.  It is the largest graduate program in the Faculty of Environment with 44 faculty and 186 graduate students, 58 of which are registered at WLU.

Specific Accountabilities

The following duties occur on a continuous basis requiring excellent time management skills and prioritization. The main responsibilities of the position include:

Recruitment and Admissions


Academic Advising

Academic Records

Administrative Support

Graduate Calendar Updates

Course Timetable



Program Publications

Teaching Assistantships

Thesis Defences/Oral Dissertations

Thesis Defences/PhD Comprehensive Examinations

Website Updates

Budget Administration

Scholarship Coordinator

Specific Assistance to the Associate Chair, Graduate Studies

Specific Assistant to the Director Waterloo-Laurier Responsibilities

Committee Membership

Faculty of Environment Graduate Studies Committee

Waterloo-Laurier Graduate Program Committee

Significant Internal/External Relationships

Faculty of Environment


Working Conditions