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Head, Information Services & Resources
Head, Information Services & Resources, Davis Centre
Head, Information Services & Resources, Dana Porter

Date: April 30, 2013
Reports to (Job Title): Associate University Librarian, Information Resources & Academic Excellence
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Liaison Librarians, Library Associates
Location: Main Campus (Dana Porter Library or Davis Centre Library)

Primary Purpose

The Heads, Information Services & Resources (ISR) are responsible for development and ongoing management of the information services and information resources required to support the research, teaching and learning of the University through the work of the respective ISR Departments and associated committees. The Heads, ISR work collaboratively to develop and manage innovative, agile, vibrant information services and information resources in both the physical and digital environments. They work closely with Library departments, committees, and others as appropriate to advance the Library’s strategic directions and to assess and evaluate the success of existing and new information services & resources. Library managers provide key leadership for the Library and lead projects and initiatives as related to areas of responsibility and expertise.

Key Accountabilities:


As a member of the Library Managers Group:

  • Provides leadership and guidance, and serves as a resource to the Library Executive Committee, other library managers, and committees
  • Works closely with the Library Executive Committee and other library managers to develop policies, manage change, set future directions, and resolve problems
  • Ensures timely communication to Library Managers, administration, staff and patrons through appropriate media, about developments and projects; also communicates on any related events that have the potential to directly or indirectly impact normal services
  • Leads and coordinates projects with the primary goal being to ensure that best possible service can be provided to library patrons
  • Serves on University, and as appropriate, non-University committees and groups, fostering collaboration, information sharing, partnership and expertise across campus and the broader community as required
  • Works with colleagues at other TUG, OCUL, CARL and ARL member institutions in collaborative ventures

As Head, Information Services & Resources:

  • Provides leadership by creating an environment where departmental members work individually, collaboratively and collectively towards achieving departmental and library goals
  • Leads the Department in the shared development and implementation of innovative, effective academic information services for the areas of reference, research support and library instruction, both in person and virtually, for library users, by:
    • Leading the evaluation and assessment of existing services, and service-related pilots, including the use of analysis of service-related statistical data
    • Collaboratively developing implementation plans for new services or service restructures
    • Overseeing the training needs assessment and training framework development for information services staff
    • Coordinating as appropriate with other departments to ensure strong service quality
  • Ensures the availability of information resources required to meet the teaching, research and learning needs of the academic community and the university at large, and to facilitate the effective use of these resources by:
    • Maintaining good vendor relationships
    • Reviewing and negotiating licenses for electronic products
    • Leading collection management and assessment efforts
    • Overseeing the review and maintenance of collection policies and approval plans
    • Coordinating collection lifecycle management decisions and rationalization, including maintaining a strong working relationship with the Circulation Manager, Collection Maintenance and the Department Head, Cataloguing
    • Participating in the Library’s information resources management group
  • Supports strong liaison faculty relationships by:
    • Ensuring there is an effective and evolving liaison librarian programme and participation in Faculty Council meetings
    • Participating in the work necessary for academic program and accreditation reviews and proposals for new courses/programmes
  • Ensures appropriate collaboration with TUG partners, OCUL and other organizations on matters related to information resources development and management, information literacy, and other collaborative initiatives that may arise. This includes ongoing active participation in the TUG and OCUL Information Resources groups
  • Mentors librarians and library associates by providing guidance, direction and coaching. This includes helping staff members set goals, ensuring that opportunities for training and for varied or expanded responsibilities are made available, and, as appropriate, by supporting and encouraging work initiatives that individuals are doing or considering
  • Shares responsibility as appropriate with the Head, Circulation Services or delegate, and the Head, Library Technology & Facilities Services on service issues related to the physical facility

As Head, Information Services & Resources, Davis:

  • Coordinates, as appropriate, with the School of Optometry regarding the Witer Learning Resource Centre and with the School of Pharmacy regarding Pharmacy-related library support and collections

As Head, Information Services & Resources, Porter:

  • Supports the provision of effective and innovative Geospatial Centre services and associated collections
  • Provides for the effective management of the Government Depository Program relationships
  • Provides strategic leadership for the Adaptive Technology Centre, and serves as an advocate for accessible library services, in close collaboration with the Coordinator, Library Services for Persons with Disabilities

Position Requirements


ALA-accredited MLS/MLIS degree, or equivalent  





MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate As related to above mentioned

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

Internally, communicates with all employees in all groups and departments and at all levels to gather ideas, envision, articulate, update and inform on projects s/he is leading or otherwise accountable for. Externally, communicates frequently with vendors, consortia partners in order to execute work.

Level of Responsibility:

The position is responsible and accountable for the overall results of the department and committees which s/he leads and the development and maintenance of high quality user-focused information services & resources.

Decision-Making Authority:

Responsible and accountable for establishing the priorities for the department and addressing the changes to strategic plans by consulting with the other Department Head, ISR, members of the Library Managers Group and Library Executive as appropriate.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

Minimal exposure to disagreeable conditions typical of a department head position.

Working Environment:

Minimal exposure to disagreeable conditions typical of a department head position exposed to stress and pressure associated with those responsibilities.