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Administrative Co-ordinator, First Year Engineering

Department: Engineering Undergraduate Office Effective Date: January, 2012


35 hr/wk

Reports to: Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies & Administrative Manager

General Accountability

The Administrative Co-ordinator, First Year Engineering is accountable to the Administrative Manager as well as to the Director and two Associate Directors of First Year Engineering. Under the academic direction of the Director of First Year Engineering, the incumbent serves as the initial advisor for first year undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering and is responsible for the interpretation and advisement of University and Faculty academic policies as they relate to current students. The incumbent is responsible for academic counselling and assisting in the development and implementation of academic services for first year engineering undergraduate students.  This position requires a high degree of knowledge of academic progression rules for first year engineering as well as a good understanding of the co-op system.  This position provides assistance and support to the Director and two Associate Directors of First Year Engineering, as well as to the first year engineering student body and also provides support to the Admissions Director and Associate Director during the admissions process.

Nature and Scope

The office is comprised of the Associate Dean of Engineering, U/G Studies, the Associate Dean of Co-op Education and Professional Affairs, three directors (Admissions, First Year, Exchange), three associate directors (one for Admissions and two for First Year), three Senior Demonstrators and eight support staff. In addition, the Engineering U/G Office provides counselling (personal, academic) on a full-time basis with the assistance of two professional counsellors.

One of the major functions of the Engineering Undergraduate Office is to provide support to the first year student body during the transition year from high school to the university environment. First year students face numerous obstacles and this office provides comfort and advice for a variety of questions and problems. The Administrative Co-ordinator is the initial contact and advisor for these students. Along with the Director and Associate Directors of First Year Engineering, this position helps the students to be successful in their first year.  In addition, the Administrative Co-ordinator oversees most of the functions of the Scheduling and First Year Engineering Assistant, including the engineering admissions process, and on many first year engineering matters as described below. The Administrative Co-ordinator prepares and conducts the performance appraisal for the Scheduling and First Year Engineering Assistant.

Specific Duties:



Student Advising







Director and Associate Director Support



Other Office Operations

Significant Internal Relationships


Statistical Data

The client base for this job includes:

Specific Accountabilities

Working Conditions

Much of the time is spent in a comfortable office environment with frequent opportunities to interact with co-workers when required. The work is varied but much of the time is spent interacting with students, giving direction and advice. The first year student population requires a large percentage of available time, particularly in the first several weeks of each term. There are deadline pressures related to documenting minutes from dozens of divisional meetings as well as other meetings related to first year engineering throughout each term. In addition there is a frequent need to interact with another support staff who is part of the first year engineering team.