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Key Control Clerk

Department: Plant Operations Effective Date: Oct 30, 2001
Grade: USG 4 Reports to: Manager of Client Services

General Accountability

This position is accountable to the Manager of Client Services in the Department of Plant Operations. Responsibilities include the distribution, retrieval and safekeeping of keys assigned for controlled access to facilities on campus.

Nature and Scope

The Key Control Clerk is responsible for adequately maintaining security standards for access controlled facilities such as buildings, rooms and enclosed outside areas on the main campus of this University. The incumbent is responsible for issuing and retrieving keys and managing the safekeeping and inventory of keys. He/She will print Key Information reports for distribution to the departments.

The incumbent will maintain accurate up to date records of the Key Information System including key holders, key holder’s keys, persons authorized to issue keys, cylinder changes and an inventory of keys and key blanks. He/She is also required to interface with all designated levels of management, staff, students and outside contracted personnel within this University.

Statistical Data

Key transactions per year

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Safekeeping of keys
    • File keys in appropriate drawers and secure drawers after hours.
    • Verify that new keys and key blanks are correct with the assistance of the locksmith.
  2. Issuing keys
    • Verify the accuracy of all key requests and issue keys to individuals as requested on the key permit by authorized personnel.
  3. Retrieving keys
    • Verify the accuracy of the information upon a return of key with the original key permit.
    • Follow up with department to retrieve keys for permits that have exceeded the expiry date.
  4. Maintaining Key Information System
    • Enter accurate information into Key Information database as transactions occur.
    • Verify the data entry, daily, by comparing permit information with transaction listings.
    • Print and distribute quarterly reports to the departments listing the most recent key information.
  5. Other
    • Perform the clerical functions of word processing, filing, telephone operation, and mail distribution related to this position.
    • Provide friendly, pleasant and efficient service while maintaining prescribed security standards.

Working Conditions