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Information Technology Specialist

Department: Engineering Computing Effective Date: January, 2014

USG 9 - 13

35 hr/wk

Reports to: Associate Dean of Engineering (Computing)

General Accountability

Information Technology Specialists (IT Specialists) in Engineering Computing report to the Associate Dean of Engineering (Computing) and are responsible for support and maintenance of computer systems, the faculty’s network infrastructure and the provision of quality computing services, support and training for academic departments in Engineering. These responsibilities include the administrative, student, network and research computing environments and the supporting infrastructure.  IT Specialists must work closely with IT staff in the Departments to achieve EC’s goal of providing the Faculty of Engineering with effective information systems and technology. The IT Specialists are familiar with, comply with and promote the University’s policies related to information systems and technology. All positions report to the Associate Dean of Engineering (Computing) but may receive functional input from other members of the team.


The IT Specialists are expected to:

Nature and Scope

The role of Engineering Computing is to acquire, manage and maintain all general computing resources for the Faculty.  Engineering computing staff must work closely with these specialists as well as in a team environment within the group.  Engineering Computing is responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of computing systems and network strategies for the Faculty. A team-based approached is used and each incumbent is expected to take a role in projects, where his/her skills are most appropriate.  The incumbent is expected to work closely and co-operatively with other staff in Engineering Computing towards achieving its goals. The incumbent also works with appropriate System Administrators in Engineering departments as well as staff in IST and may be called upon to serve on university wide committees.


IT Specialists consult on both hardware and software issues. Although programming is not the focus of their work, they are expected to understand enough about programming to provide support. Maintenance of some activities e.g. user account maintenance, web page design, security, maintenance etc. requires programming skills such as php and pearl.


It is also acknowledged that Engineering Computing staff must be conversant in computing related technologies such as PDA’s, telecommunications equipment, and other devices used for research and increasingly for administrative purposes.  IT Specialists are expected to keep pace with latest developments and technologies in all areas, but especially with respect to their major role eg. hardware, software, networks, applications support.


Statistical Data

Computing activities within the Faculty can be broken down into at least four distinct areas including:

Engineering Computing maintains the network infrastructure in the Faculty of Engineering as well as several University systems; we maintain and support:

Specific Accountabilities

In addition to the above, the IT Specialist is expected to assume one or more of the major roles outlined below.  These roles are fluid and are expected to change throughout the IT Specialist’s career.  As well, the IT Specialist is expected to have a working knowledge of all the roles and be able to provided backup support in the event of illness, vacation, etc.


Working Conditions