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Operations - Operations Manager

Date: May, 2011                                          GRADE:   USG 9/10
Reports to (Job Title): Director, Operations
Jobs Reporting (Job Titles): Account Coordinator, Employment Services Representative, Operations Support Specialist
Location: Waterloo Campus

Primary Purpose

The Operations Manager ensures that Operations activities and processes maximize success of students and employers in the hiring process, and that the employment process is carried out in an efficient, cost effective and service focused manner.

Key Accountabilities:

1.Drive CECA core employment process and back office support on CECA processes for all

Ensure that support to students and employers is carried out effectively and efficiently in a service-focused environment by Account Coordinators and Service Representatives

Ensure service is delivered to clearly defined and agreed-to standards

Ensure the integrity, efficiency and effectiveness of employment processes for all users

Ensure tight deadlines of CECA’s employment processes are met

Ensure appropriate back up, support and cross training between the Service Manager and the Operations Manager, and their two teams

2.Build a strong linkage between Operations and the other CECA departments that are impacted and inputting to the hiring cycle (Employment Relations, Student and Faculty Relations and Centre for Career Action); and support the employer recognition framework and employer retention strategy.

3.With Employment Relations and Marketing

Ensure account plans for selected employers

Are supported by Account Coordinators (pilot)

Have defined quality and service standards

Meet targets for retention and growth

Ensure smooth transfer of employers between account managers and account coordinators

4.Lead and manage direct reports and ensure the delivery of results in support of CECA mission, vision and guiding principles including:

Providing information and context needed for the employee to be effective

Hiring, developing and retaining the best qualified staff available from inside or outside CECA.

Setting goals and expectations and helping employees create clear paths to success

Developing effective work team dynamics

Ensuring appropriate back up, support and cross training to manage capacity.

| Managing performance through both formal (performance appraisal) and informal methods such as regular feedback, coaching and one-to-ones.

Identifying development opportunities in others and co-creating with the employee a development plan; regularly following up on the progress of development

5.Provide overall leadership to the organization by:

Personally championing mission, vision and guiding principles and playing a leadership role in bringing them to life

Providing leadership, direction and strategic planning for CECA

Monitor business practices to ensure that CECA has the appropriate practices and processes to work effectively internally and represent UW externally

Lead the development of new capabilities required by the introduction of new systems, tools or processes

Develop productive, collaborative working relationships across CECA and UW

Lead the identification, development and implementation of projects to improve service quality, relationships, stakeholder satisfaction, timeliness, staff capability and performance

Develop internal/external customer service standards, monitors satisfaction with service delivered and take action to restore and enhance service quality

Position Requirements


University undergraduate degree in Business Administration, Operations Management or related field


At least 5 years of experience leading large teams in a service-providing organization

Experience in successfully resolving challenging customer service issues

Deep knowledge of UW and CECA co-op processes, supporting systems and infrastructure

Broad understanding of different academic programs and any unique requirements of students and /


MS Word Excel PowerPoint Other
Average Average Average High degree of competency required on core employment systems (e.g. JobMine)

Nature and Scope

Interpersonal Skills:

The Operations Manager is adept at problem solving and process thinking. A strong written and verbal communicator, the Operations Manager is service focused and skilled at dispute resolution in customer service situations. The Operations Manager coaches their team to success, and builds solid working relationships with direct reports, peers, and clients. In this role, many things occur only once per term, so the Operations Manager maintains a tight schedule to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

Level of Responsibility:

The Operations Manager manages a team of Back Office Services Representatives and the Service Coordinator. The Operations Manager influences the actions of all staff that are impacted by or inputting into the employment process (i.e. teams supporting employers and students). The Operations Manager provides co-worker support and coaching to all CECA on the core employment process (e.g. they are the ‘go to’ person on core employment processes and tend to be at the hub of these processes, fully conversant in what is happening and when), and is responsible for ensuring that the core processes are run each and every term.

Problem solving
The Operations Manager solves problems relating to sensitive situations where employers and students who are unhappy with interview dates, interview experience, or match results, how to support unique situations in a static system (requires deep knowledge of system and how to "work around" it), and trouble shoots and resolves difficult situations with employers and students.

Financial Accountability
The Operations Manager develops their team’s operating budget in collaboration with CECA Planning and Financial Management, and monitors and manages spending within that pre-set budget.

Internal and External Contacts
The Operations Manager deals with, motivates and influences direct reports and co-workers (Service Reps, Student Advisors, Account Managers) in daily interaction with students and employers, and discusses problems with other Operations team members, Student and Faculty Relations, and the CECA leadership team to understand and assess the impact of process or system changes. The Operations Manager deals with and influences students to resolve difficult situations.

The Operations Manager deals with and influences employers to resolve difficult situations and support unique interview requests.

Decision-Making Authority:

The Operations Manager makes day-to-day decisions on staffing and work load balancing, sets dates each term (e.g. postings open/close, interview dates, match dates etc.), and makes decisions impacting the outcome of the employment process.

Physical and Sensory Demands:

This role requires exertion of physical or sensory effort resulting in slight fatigue, strain or risk of injury.

Working Environment:

This role involves minimal psychological risk resulting from unavoidable exposure to hazardous, disagreeable or uncomfortable environmental conditions. This role involves exposure to emotionally disturbing experiences and/or interactions with people who are upset, angry, abusive, aggressive, unstable or unpredictable (e.g. dealing with employers who have escalated an issue), lack of control over work pace due to control by machine or work process (e.g. working with a system with limited functionality to meet employer needs) and constant interruptions (e.g. employer issues). Service support during main interview periods may require work outside of core business hours.